Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Market Celebrities: Starfruit Stephen

Daniel's Wantan Noodles

The wet market at OUG was a little quieter than usual. No idea why though. Following KH's recommendation, I ate at Daniel's Wantan Noodles stall. Above average quality with the proper aroma of piggy oil. At the starfruit stall, I saw a couple of guys who kinda pinged my gaydar. The guy in the cap was pretty hunky in tight shorts that showed off his ass. Oh la la. I bestow upon him the title Starfruit Stephen and accept him into the order of Market Celebrities.

Starfruit Stephen

Back home, did my usual routine of sweeping and mopping the floor to clear the weekly cockroach massacre. Lunch was home cooked noodles. Later in the afternoon, I washed the car and completed waxing my car. Only the roof was left. Took me half a year to wax the whole car. LOL. I should just pay to get it done.

Lunch Noodles

Dinner was at MaisonSK. A dual celebration that evening-- Brian's birthday and CK's return from Edinburgh (but he was flying back the next morning LOL). Before dinner I found the time to swim, but I managed less laps than usual cause I was tired from all the chores at home. QueerRanter-D whipped up a batch of vegetarian KFC made from king oyster mushrooms with only 6 herbs and spices. Poor KH was sneezing the whole time. SK opened a bottle of Bordeaux she smuggled from Paris, and we nibbled on chocolates, Camembert and Chorizo.

Wine & Nibbles


Happy walker said...

i love wan tan mee

Anonymous said...

No face pic?
Nice ass indeed!

- Rainy day

William said...

Me too

Side profile got la, but a bit far