Friday, September 04, 2015

Kepong Capers

Char Siew

Sent mum to Kepong for a massage on Sunday. Utilized the lucky draw voucher that she got from a Parent's Day dinner at KLSCAH. The place was at Kepong Entrepreneur's Park. Been ages since I drove to that neck of the woods. Arrived kinda early, so we had a quick lunch at a shop that served charcoal-roasted char siew. First time ever I saw char siew served separately from soupy wantan noodles. While mum enjoyed the massage, I camped in Cafe Nelson Tan. Spent two and half hours there cause the ninety minute massage started late. Ordered a cup of hazelnut white coffee and mango pudding to keep me company. According to the waitress, they grind their own coffee beans, but I think they're a bit heavy-handed on the flavoured syrup. I mixed in approximately half a cup of boiling water to suit my palate. The mango pudding didn't taste artificial and it actually contained some chunks of fresh mango. Paired with a compote of sour-ish berries and sitting in a shallow cream bath, it was really quite good. Spent the time on LINE Rangers, Instagram and Facebook. An amazing use of my free time. I should have summoned KH to accompany me. LOL.

Hazelnut Coffee

Mango Pudding

Back at home, I registered for the Gated & Guarded service at my residential area. Heard that the pro tem committee managed to get 130 out of the 289 residents to pay. With MYR50 per person, it's enough to the cover the costs of two guards on a 24 hour basis. Hopefully this will help with the current crime wave. In the evening, mum and I had dinner with SK at Nan Xiang, Equine Park. Our first time there. Food's not bad, but it's a tad pricier. Went to AEON Equine Park after that. Realize that I had not walked around the shops outside for quite some time. It's usually an in and out affair at the supermarket. SK's main goal was to buy a new pair of sandals for her granny. Without a wheelchair, quite impossible to have a leisurely walk there. Also sourced for some CR2016 lithium batteries for SK's car alarm controller. Bought for MYR9.80 at the camera shop. Later I found that the same brand with a different packaging sold for only MYR5.30 at Daiso. Even more shocking was when Apollo showed us that a strip of CR2016 only sold for AUD3 online! Do-oh!

Claypot Fish

Omelette & Tofu


Take a look at AEON's Hari Raya ad. They have branded themselves as the "Do Mall". Do fire the copywriter. Please do.

Do Mall


Hdaran said...

What huge trunk one must have to do a mall... :P
By the way, that is one good looking char siew. Did it taste as good as it looks???

Twilight Man said...

The ad really looked silly.
So you know that Nelson Tan too?

zerachiel said...

for a while I thought that mango pudding was an omelette with caviar on top, hahaha

William said...

The char siew was quite good

I dunno who the owner is wor... Your friend?