Monday, September 14, 2015

Airport Celebritis: European Eddie

European Eddie I

As promised, here is the set of spycam shots for European Eddie from a KLIA2 boarding gate. Perfect eye candy to start my holiday! Tall, young and hunky!

European Eddie II

A shaggy mop of hair.

European Eddie III

A music lover!

European Eddie IV


European Eddie V

OMG! He likes bananas!

European Eddie VI

Bon voyage!


Twilight Man said...

You both boarded same plane!

William said...

Same gate ma.

Derek said...

Fodder for your spy pics ... must always listen to me ... hehe

William said...

What do you mean?

- a L E x - said...


Anonymous said...

He likes bananas! LOL!

William said...

As yummy as your petit geteaus

Oh yes he does