Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Elf Will Cross The Sea

Mushi Namakake

Ever since Savante moved to Miri, Legolas joined the Overseas Wives Club. I recently exited that club with KH's return from Singapore and we have not looked back since. However, I recently received word that Legolas would be ending his LDR and joining his hubby in East Malaysia! Happy and sad news indeed. Happy that he would be reunited with his love, sad that the BFF lose another key member. Anyway, KH and I arranged a dinner with him on Thursday night at Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine, Menara TA One. Kinda shocked that BeautifulMale said that he would be joining! Normally have to book him months in advance le. Unfortunately, Legolas called in sick on Thursday morning. We went ahead with the dinner anyway. A farewell dinner became a catch up dinner. KH didn't really like the menu. It was hard to order from which reminded me of Sushi Tei's menu. And a big chunk of the house specialties was not available but not marked in the menu. That's kinda annoying in my book. Ryan ordered the hamburger set (perfect for bulking up) while KH and I shared some stuff-- the spicy premium roll is a scallop maki with cili padi, kushiyaki moriawase (assorted grilled skewers), mushi namakake steamed oysters and Taikama Acqua Pazza which is baked red snapper in a Japanese-Mediterranean style. Updated BeautifulMale on all we knew of the BFF and he updated us on his recent activities. I was also thrilled to learn that we both had bad experiences with a mutual friend. At first I thought that I wasn't diplomatic enough (very few people piss me off like he does), now I know that the fella is a bit kerek. Phew.

Spicy Premium Roll

Kushiyaki Moriawase


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Twilight Man said...

Kaneeneh! I have totally forgotten about Legolas and Savante! So now they will be together again and live happily ever after.
I am happy for them too.

Jaded Jeremy said...

What is "kerek"?

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Happy Ending