Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sweat It Out

White Curry Noodles

Can't believe that I had not been to the OUG wet market for more than a month. My revisit rewarded me with jambu seller with big arms. In the coming weeks, I shall endeavour to get a spycam shot of him to share here. Wish me luck! Brought mum to Hawker Street KL for an asam laksa breakfast. She loved it. On the other hand, I gave the white curry noodles a try. Although it wasn't a recommended item on the menu, I found it quite delicious. On our way home, we passed by Faber Towers. Surprised to see that the building was given a makeover. There's an upmarket supermarket there now called De Market. A nice place to buy fruits, vegetables and imported groceries. The selection is impressive but not quite the level of B.I.G. By the time we got home, it was already noon. I had a booty call at KH's place while his parents were out to a wedding lunch. Hehe.

Fresh Produce

Got to his place before 1:00 PM and we freshened up together. The first thing I asked for was the dildo that he had bought from his last Europe trip. LOL. Lubed it up and introduced it into KH. The training begins! Hahaha. But anyway, he had me on my back soon enough and we had sweaty sex. He was so sweaty that big rivulets of his sweat dripped into my mouth as I moaned. That was unexpected to say the least. In the end, I released my reserves onto my belly while he was still inside me. KH exclaimed that it seemed like two loads. LOL. The first thing we thought about after sex was food! Both of us had not eaten. Jumped into the shower again and drove out to Le Pont (before the discount ends!). I had tried all their mains, so I ordered the roast beef and broccoli sandwich. Supposedly a chef's recommendation, but I didn't find anything impressive about it.

Roast Beef and Broccoli Sandwich

Potato Wedges

KH's sent me back to my car. I didn't drive home immediately, but joined my mum at a cooking demo in my neighbourhood. Basically those marketing events for kitchen products. I was just there for the free food. In the evening, mum and I watched "Jurassic World" at GSC, IOI City Mall on IMAX. Chris Pratt appears as a Velociraptor whisperer and Bryce Howard shows us how to outrun dinosaurs in heels. Two solid hours of dinosaurs later, we were hungry for food! Ate at Franco (don't know why they were ranamed from Miam Miam). Made it just in time for the last order. Not a fan of Japanese curry, but Franco's Riz au Curry is good enough for me to recommend. Rice + beef curry + cheese + chicken sausage + egg in a piping hot cocotte is just the perfect comfort food.

Ice Skating Rink

Riz au Curry


Anonymous said...

Faster snap a pic if that jambu seller! XD

William said...

He has disappeared! :(

Derek said...

Hot sweaty sex! Hehe That was a nice skanky session ...