Thursday, August 27, 2015

Selamat San Andreas

Hari Raya 2015

Bought tickets to watch "San Andreas" with mum on Sunday. It was a B1F1 ticket thanks to HSBC credit cards (the only benefit that is useful for me). But whatever I saved on the movie ticket I used to pay for parking. Wanted to park at the shopping mall, but it was darn crowded. Parked at One World Hotel instead. Lunch was at Ichiro Sushi Bar. So difficult to order. Not many good lunch sets and the ala carte stuff were mostly premium. nigiri sushi averaged at RM10 per piece. San Andreas was pretty entertaining from start till end. But the survival of the Gaines family throughout the whole ordeal was very far-fetched. And I couldn't really accept Paul Giamatti as the CalTech earthquake expert. Due to his distinct voice, I can't shake his villainous persona Hertz from "Shoot 'em Up".

Sushi Lunch

Didn't actually buy anything our whole time in One Utama although the Raya sales were in full swing. The decoration at the Centre Court seemed pretty low key. The budget didn'e seem too big. The typical rumah kampung scene that every shopping mall seemed to be doing. Don't think it's lack of creativity on the part of the design team but the fear of severe backlash if something 'wrong' is put up. So sad. So boring. Dinner was nasi kerabu from the Ramadan bazaar and vegetarian mixed rice from OUG. Post-dinner munchies was chocolate pretzels from Perth. A simple Sunday.

Nasi Kerabu

Chocolate Pretzels


Derek said...

Disaster movie is to enjoy. Don't overthink!

William said...

OK lo. :P