Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Right as Rain


Now and then, interesting (and oft times random) people connect with me on FB. Some of them are resourceful blog readers who somehow manage to track down my profile. Rainy is one of those people. Been chatting with him on FB Messenger for months before we finally met up for dinner. At first we checked out Taste Enclave, but he chose Fatboy's The Burger Bar in the end. Felt that was more non-halal perhaps. He ordered The Elvis which contained pork, bacon, peanut butter and bananas, all of which he liked. Unfortunately, he complained that the peanut butter overpowered the whole combination. Rainy had plenty of stories about his homophobic and holier-than-thou colleagues. And his many encounters from Grindr and Jack'd provided much juicy conversation. Easier when the other party has something to talk about. No need to worry about awkward lulls in the conversation. After dinner, we took the train home together, but he got off at a much earlier station than me.

Some people we meet once and never quite meet again. Different channel. Wrong frequency. Bad chemistry.

Some people we meet once and a real friendship blossoms.

Some people we meet once and they open the door to many other people.

So many personalities. So many possibilities.


Anonymous said...

So bila kita jumpa lagi?

William said...

Tak susah nak arrange

Twilight Man said...

Yeah! Why you never date me?

William said...

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles ah?

soul232 said...

I want to make babysit date with the kids lololol