Tuesday, August 11, 2015

KH Over For Tea


Numerous visits to Le Pont Boulangerie later, I finally brought my mum there for lunch. Noticed that they had lunch sets now so I gave that a try. Came with soup, main and cake du jour. I choose the mini burger sliders over the risotto. Not much a fan of Italian rice. The cake of the day was flour-less chocolate cake which were too full to eat. We ventured up to the Oriental Art & Cultural Center to take a look at a photography exhibition by Kim Teoh. The OACC is an initiative by the Elken Group dedicated to the arts.


In the afternoon, KH gave me a visit. He brought over the Harrod's handbag for mum that he had bought during his UK trip. She loved the cute design of doggy prints. Mum prepared afternoon tea which consisted of grape juice from her trip to Voyager Estate, Western Australia, steamed custard buns and curry puffs. Definitely not your usual definition of afternoon tea. LOL. When mum's not in the living room, KH would still a kiss and cop a feel. His usual mischievous behaviour.

Fusion Tea Time

In the evening, we celebrated QueerRanter-D's birthday at MaisonSK. So ngam could use the tapau-ed slice of chocolate cake from Le Pont as his birthday cake. LOL. And Lifebook used his jobless hours learning how to rough weave a scarf. The finished product was quite huge and could be used as a samping! We had fun turning it into a turban, sash and tunic.

Harrod's Tote

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Twilight Man said...

The handbag is cute and new ones would bring new windfalls. Ah! You don't believe me.

I told Lifebook that just give a scarf to any dogs to play and you will get similar like his. Wakakakaka