Monday, August 10, 2015

Find My Dad

Find My Dad / 平平安安

Due to her connections, mum got some free preview tickets to the movie "Find My Dad" / "平平安安". The event was organized by Asia Tropical Films and among the invitees were Semarak Kasih Selangor, Malaysian Spring Single Mother’s Society and Beautiful Gate Foundation for The Disabled. Even YB Teresa Kok was there to lend her support for the local film industry. Euho is the director with a mix actors and actresses from several countries. The star is Mini Bin from Taiwan who plays the kid who is looking for his dad. Jeanette Aw from Singapore's The Little Nyonya plays his mother, while Yise Loo (Malaysian singer) plays his aunt. And throw in Victor Wong of Michael & Victor fame and Hong Kong's Hayu to complete the rojak. Before the movie started, they warned us that it was a tear-jerker. Some parts of the plot were a bit far-fetched, but there were some funny moments. Some parts of the movie was filmed around Old Klang Road, so it was fun for me to spot some of the places. At the end, they invited YB Teresa Kok to give some comments and arranged some interviews with the viewers to get some feedback.

Yen Ta Fo

Mum and I didn't hang around. We went to Tiffin's by Chef Korn for lunch. KH gave me a near-expiring Groupon voucher to spend there. Hehe. I ordered the Yen Ta Fo pink noodles for mum. Didn't really notice if they were pink. I like their green curry too cause they have the pork option and its super thick, perfect with white rice. Wandered around MV for a while but couldn't stay long cause I had an appointment with my chiropractor at 4:30 PM. Went there with SK and we visited the bazar Ramadan at Old Klang Road before heading home.

Thai Green Curry

Packed some nasi kerabu with solok lada and sambal ikan keli. Surprisingly sedap in this age of juadah berbuka sub-standard. That filled some capacity that was reserved for the BEC gathering that night. Not many people came. There was one activity during the gathering that required all of us to write down something (anonymously) that we wish to do respect the personal space of someone in our family or social network. At the end of the session we randomly read out the notes. The woman beside SK read out a very interesting note from a mother who was talking about her daughter's same-sex attraction. She noticed that what was read was white-washed version of what was written. I wonder who... jeng jeng jeng!

Nasi Kerabu

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