Thursday, August 06, 2015

A Belated Account of a Belated Birthday

Happy Birthday Nicky

Been ages since I met Nicky05. Perhaps more than half a year. Gave him a shout-out on our What's App group and demanded his presence for dinner. Surprisingly, he agreed! We met at KLCC and later walked over to Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine at Menara TA One. Due to redevelopment works, they had moved inside. Over dinner, both of us exchanged super belated birthday gifts. Mine was 8 months overdue and his was about 4 months ago. He got me a pair of sports shorts from Private Structure. Perfect. Treated that fella to dinner. Shared a dinner set and a diamond roll. And they had a 15% discount for their 15th anniversary. EJ joined us later at Azzurro Cafe, The Pavilion (can't believe I trudged so far after a heavy dinner). Also been a while since I saw him. Seemed thinner than I remembered, but he insists that he had grown fatter. That coming from someone who gyms and skips dinner. Nicky05 was nice enough to treat us coffee! Yay.

Rainbow Roll