Sunday, July 05, 2015

Titi Tête-à-Tête


Mum picked up a day trip flyer from the OUG morning market and decided to go to Titi. Her interest in that place was piqued during CNY when a church member told her that it was colourful, quaint, tight-knit small village. She managed to get a neighbour to join her and so I woke up at 5:00 AM on Sunday to prepare to send her out to the meeting point. At 6:00 AM, the bus picked them up at the OUG BHP petrol station. Since I was up so early, I decided to join SK at the 6:45 AM mass. Mass was celebrated by Father Justin, a new face from Sabah who was picked to head the Bahasa Malaysia Apostolic in KL. Funny that his introduction sounded like his resume! Finished by 8:00 AM. Gosh, still so early in the day. Both of us were craving for BKT, so we ate at Yi Xin Ge. Got my fix of spare ribs. Yum! On the way back home, we stopped a while at Taman Wawasan to buy breakfast for SK's granny and buy 4D. Suddenly had inspiration to gamble (and of course I didn't strike any prize ):<). Had a change of clothes at home before venturing out again to Midvalley Megamall. Early in the morning, people were already lining up for the mediocre fare Tim Ho Wan. And the Centre Court was milling with activity thanks to the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" promotional junket there. Made a beeline for Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees. This time, I opted for the Wallenford Estate beans at RM10 extra. Worth every sen? Well, it was good coffee. Just below us, Citroen was promoting their new DX3s. They had promoters pass out breakfast pastries and a guy even had a coffee dispenser mounted on his back like a jet pack!

Sleepy Moon


Didn't loiter long in The Gardens Mall as there weren't much sales going on. Wanted to snack a bit at Hui Lau Shan, but they did not have full menu at 11:30 AM! Went over to AEON Big instead to get some Lipton Teh Tarik pre-mix. I tell you, that stuff is great! An hour later, Hui Lau Shan still had not received its full inventory. What a way to do business. Wish them Selamat Chap Lap. Since it was lunch time, we went to Canton-i. Once they got us seated, they politely told us that they impose service charges. LOL. Ordered a plate of roast duck wantan noodles and a plate of stir-fried radish cake with XO sauce. That did it for us. Reached home before 2:00 PM. Enough time for me to prepare for KH's arrival in ninety minutes.

Carrot Cake

As usual, when he turned up at my door, I let him in. Close the door and give him a kiss. Would then get him a drink of water then lead him upstairs to my room. We would strip and shower together. With all the sweat washed off and smelling all fresh, we started to reverse the process in bed. Halfway through coitus, we took a break. Pulled on our underwear and headed downstairs to watch a movie. I randomly chose a gay-themed movie that I downloaded just a few days ago, entitled "John Apple Jack". The story is a fusion of East and West in the restaurant business. The rich playboy falls in love with a line chef working in hiss restaurant and the said Asian chef discovers himself in the process. Not the best of movies, but entertaining enough. But it was a little hard to concentrate with KH's naughty hands going for my nipples and crotch the whole time.

One and a half hours later, we moved back upstairs to continue where we left off. Didn't need to warm up again. Got down to business and got off in a big way. Saved up seven days worth of lovin' for him. LOL. We showered again and rested a while before heading over to MaisonSK's for dinner. She made rice wine chicken, stir-fried sliced fish and beancurd with mushrooms. Huddled up in SK's room after dinner talking about shitty bosses and Apollo's upcoming trip to Taiwan. Feeling a bit drained, KH and I excused ourselves after 9:30 PM. Mum only got home at 11:00 PM. They were the first to board the bus, and also the last to alight. Yikes. A fun trip for her. She bought some snacks, pineapples, siew bao and fresh prawns. I nibbled on a bit and went to bed! Gosh, what an eventful day!



Twilight Man said...

What an eventful day. Holy mass followed by 4.D and BKT. Cholesterol..... Aha

William said...

Hahaha. Don't remind me. :P