Friday, July 31, 2015

The Tribe at Perth I: Le Pont

Le Pont

Mum and The Tribe left for Perth on Thursday night. It was a huge rombongan with my BIL's family. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for KH and I to spend some quality time right? Wrong! He too flew off on Thursday night to London! Poor was abandoned in KL. Sniff sniff. On the first Saturday alone, I had a wantan noodles breakfast at Restoran Kong Kee. The pitiful portion of noodles and meat really put me off. Went over to SK's place at noon to keep an eye on her grandma for short period while she went out to do some chores. When she returned, we went out to our chiropractic appointment at OUG. Another amazing session of dry needling with the therapist. This time, she sent jolts of down my leg. Yikes. And also discovered a tightness in my left hip flexors. Told me to do more stretches and I would be seeing her in a fortnight. While leaving the treatment centre, I noticed a new signboard along Old Klang Road-- Le Pont Boulangerie. Turns out the place was newly-opened. Beautiful interior decoration with a powdered steel and wood concept. The ground floor is where the bakery is located, complete with a lounging area. The two upper floors are for dining. Service was impeccable with the waiters obviously delivering more than what is usual in a Malaysian cafe. SK and I tried the beef brisket and chicken leg. Huge portion of beef at RM35 and the wasabi mashed potato that came with it was quite nice. Couldn't put my finger on what they used to marinate the chicken, but it was OK. Coffee was also not bad, but no pretty latte art here. The whole experience was sweetened by a 20% discount off all pastry, food and beverages till the end of June (by the time you read this, diskaun dah tamat la). Will definitely come back to try their cakes. Back at SK's place, I had the chance to meet her younger brother's family. They drove all the way to KL to look at the Minions thing at Midvalley Megamall. The last time I saw her nephew was when he was just one month old. He's a big boy now. Found him to be quite a talkative selfie prince.

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Anonymous said...

So this was in June when KH backpacked Europe with you kan?

William said...

I did not join him in Europe :(

Twilight Man said...

You need to have spare tyres like your car when KH is not in town.