Thursday, July 16, 2015

Swimwear / Underwear

New swimwear for the boys

Underwear as sleepwear

Swimwear as sleepwear

Hence, Swimwear is underwear?

Not a philosophical question, just that I noticed that I have a few swim trunks that haven't been getting much use at the pool. The reason for their neglect is basically due to a low family pool compatibility index and some cuttings which I don't quite like. Lack of use will only hasten their demise. Will end up with 'crunchy' spandex or spots especially for those in lighter colours. To solve the problem, I have started wearing them to bed. Luckily they are not super tight or it would not be practical at all. I'm not sure if anyone does this at all since swimwear is generally thicker and not so breathable. Come to think of it, some people wear swim shorts out to the mall so this isn't so eccentric after all? Haha. On that note, I do wear my swim shorts as lounge wear as I don't like to swim laps in them (has to the with the pockets restricting water flow).

Thank you for entertaining this brief moment of weirdness.


Hdaran said...

Don't they feel restricting when you sleep? Boner space...???

William said...

Let it tent, Let it tent, Let it tent

Derek said...

Hehe best to sleep naked

William said...

Then hard-hard?

Anonymous said...

sell on ebay. i did

William said...

Did you cum on it first? :P

Anonymous said...

dont be digusting.