Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Sunday Paktorlogy


Sunday breakfast was nasi lemak packed by mum. T'was a lazy Sunday morning with no place to go. Just had to keep the kids entertained by looking up some funny clips on YouTube. Dinosaurs. Hot air balloons. Fountains. Peppa Pig... Mum cooked a late lunch. Ate at 1345, just 15 minutes before KH picked me up for our play at KLPAC. Didn't know what I was watching until we entered Pentas 1. It was David Mamet's "Speed the Plow", starring Douglas Lim, Gavin Yap and Amelia Henderson. Truth be told, the Hollywood movie business satire was lost on me. The blazing American-ish dialogue between the two main characters didn't do it for me. Supposed to be "quick, witty, outrageous and ridiculously funny", but it didn't squeeze many laughs from the audience. Gavin looked so short beside his leggy P.A., but still, he had his boyish charms. Ended in about 90 minutes and I was free!


Still to early for dinner, so we looked for a nearby cafe to relax and talk. Consulted with Nicky, the Jalan Ipoh (Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah) resident but even he had not tried all the new cafes at RiverCity. After some deliberation, we sat down at Sin & Sensibility. Coffee and cake wasn't bad, and they even had a tea time discount of 30%. Took out my Xiaomi power bank to charge my phone. When I stuck my hand into my pocket, the sharp edges of the power bank nicked the base of my cuticle. Xiaomi made me bleed! Finally realize why they sell silicone covers for their power banks. A ploy to milk more money from their customers!

Coffee & Cake

Dinner was another experiment, a new restaurant at NEWCOM, Old Klang Road called The SOPRANO's Italian-German Restaurant and Piano Bar. Seemed popular enough as a whole section of the restaurant was reserved for a birthday party. We were given a high table with a view of the RapidKL bus depot next door (romantis giler). Food was fairly-priced. Our pork ribs was only RM38 and we ate that with an appetiser of blue lip mussels (even mild was spicy!). Big portions indeed. And during happy hour, they have a B1F1 promotion on selected imported beers. KH was a little horny was even considering some hanky panky in the restroom, but we never got around to doing that. Dah tua, LOL.

Happy Hour

Note: Photos from the play by Weeling Chen (Flickr)


Twilight Man said...

No wonder cafe's toilets have cockroaches!
All KH's doing.

William said...

Har... why le?

Anonymous said...

Douglas Lim and Gavin Yap used to be really cute.
Now age is catching up. But Gavin still looks good.


William said...

Douglas very round jor. But dah kahwin, so expected la.