Friday, July 17, 2015

Sekinchan Slip


Met KH after work on Monday and he truly looked tired and unwell. Told me he was feeling tingly, which usually means that he is falling sick. Felt a fever coming on. So I fished out some painkillers from my bag and gave it to him. He took two tablets after dinner. An hour after that, he sent me a picture of his face looking like he had been bashed up by a bunch of gay lous fighting over the last Bottega wallet at a warehouse sale. His eyes were swollen and his nose was runny. Yikes. So surprised that he knows next to nothing about what he's allergic to and the dosage of usual OTC drugs. Thankfully, he knew that antihistamines would help his condition. He took some flu meds leftover from my stash. Rested two days at home after that. Seems that I have take notes on KH's drug allergies since doesn't seem to remember them very well.

What's Your Number?

By Thursday he declared he was not well enough to go ahead with our planned Sekinchan day trip. SK and I went ahead with our leave plans anyway, while KH decided to work for half a day to clear his backlog. SK and I loitered at The Gardens Mall. Finally used my MYR15 Hui Lau Shan voucher. Ordered the Heavenly Brew-- birds nest in coconut milk, served in the shell. Even with the voucher, I had to top up MYR8. Ugh. At about 2:00PM, we picked KH up from Universiti LRT station. Drove down to Hawker Street KL, Taman Desa for lunch. Been wanting to try that Penang hawker food joint (Penang-ites would tell me not to bother). At that point onwards, SK started her conference call. Throughout lunch she was shouting into the phone. She hardly had any time nor mood to eat the pork soup kway teow in front of her. The assam laksa I ordered was pretty. Thick and spicy soup. One of the better ones. While eating, I noticed a very muhibah scene at one the tables outside. The couple ordered fish head noodles from Woo Pin next door. The guy ordered food and coffee from Le Lapin upstairs. They were just there for the ambience. LOL.

Asam Laksa

Our coffee break was at Le Lapin, a rabbit-themed cafe that's not very rabbit-y. Not that many customers too. Ordered their signature Gula Melaka Iced Coffee. Pretty mild in my opinion, both in the coffee and gula melaka department. By then, SK's con-call had ended. Next on the schedule was my chiropractic appointment. To be continued....

Rabbit Mural

Gula Melaka Coffee


Derek said...

Yeah la, simply give me medicine hehe

Twilight Man said...

My wife is allergic to almost all Western medicines and pain killers. Damn susah!

A Law said...

must be careful with drug allergies.. Keep a note of his allergies in his wallet lo...

William said...

You lousy!

Then how ah?

Yes, both of us should be aware, but especially him le

Twilight Man said...

Chinese doctor solves her problem without allergies. I also gave up on western doctors.

William said...

But TCM can't solve all problems