Monday, July 06, 2015

Quick Update

Morning Run

After the BKT expose in my last post, it's definitely necessary to post about something more healthy, like a morning run in Bukit Jalil Park. It had been ages since I brought out my running shoes and broke a sweat out there.

And lunch was home-cooked noodles in chicken soup. Munched on some fresh strawberries too.

Swimming Strawberries

A bit tired of Piccolo Cafe, KH & I went exploring and tried Kimosasa at the other side of Taman Equine instead. A dark vegetarian place. Just had a mocktail. Don't think there would be a repeat visit.

Picture Perfect

In the evening, I had a BEC gathering at KM1. First time there. Pretty good security and living environment, but it comes at a price tag of RM500 a month!

Urbanization of Bukit Jalil


Twilight Man said...

Nice views often come with nice price tags.

William said...

And nice views can sometimes end up as blocked views