Friday, July 10, 2015

Penang IV: Airport Day

Hokkien Mee

Got up early on Monday morning to skank with the boyfriend.It's a funny thing that these days I seem to be able to sync my orgasm with his. May not feel like coming at the time, but when KH can't seem to hold it in any more and declare that he's close, I suddenly have the urge to spill my seed too. He says its my natural mechanism to make him do more work. LOL. Feeling famished after that, KH, Bro and I headed out for breakfast at Restoran Sin Saw Keat, Nibong Tebal. Its a notoriously crowded kopitiam with several stalls lining the road in front of it. Shared a mix of duck egg CKT (much better than what I had the day before), har mee, char siew bao, hong bak bao, bak kwa bun and economy fried noodles. The rest of the gang joined us later. Apollo ordered a plate of shrimp paste CCF which I gave another try. Computer says NO! Went home and did some final packing and lazed around the house. Early lunch was at Red Chopsticks. We weren't quite in the mood to try their recommended fish head curry so we snacked on some other stuff. Buburchacha was a failure. Too much sugar and the ingredients weren't cooked through. However, the otah popiah and lobak was quite good. Bro's flight was earlier than our's (delayed for hours), so KH and I sent him to the airport after lunch.



When it was our turn to get to the airport, we had the hassle of returning the car rentals. Called them to collect the cars, but calls went unanswered. When we got to the counter, we found it unmanned. Tried to call the additional contact numbers there but it was also a dead end. SK finally managed to get through one of the numbers. The guy said that he would send his people to collect the cars. We waited and waited but batang hidung pun tak nampak. We asked the other counters and they told us that it was usual for them to be MIA. Go figure. We just parked the cars by the roadside and dumped the keys at the counter. Wasted our coffee time at Kaffa Espresso Bar. Didn't like the latte there, prefer the flat white. Their Black Beauty chocolate cake is quite nice though. Spent most of the afternoon cam-whoring at the table, trying to imitate the four characters in a painting.

Kaffa Espresso Bar

Coffee Please!

By the time we got home, it was already dinner time. Mum was out with The Tribe, so I ate with SK at Restoran BK. A simple meal of chicken kway teow and Hokkien mee. Holiday's over!

Bean Sprout Chicken


Derek said...

Morning sex is the best. Hehe

William said...

I agree!