Thursday, July 09, 2015

Penang III: Divine Mercy, Divine Food


Lucky for us, there was a Catholic church near to the home-stay called the Church of the Divine Mercy. Established in 2005, it is quite a new church. All of the decorations were wooden in nature. Many of the doors of the church are fully carved with scriptural scenes. Flanking the altar on the both sides are wooden triptychs. The one on the left is actually a hidden door. Another interesting thing about the church is the wooden crucifix above the altar. Strings clipped with petitions emanate from the spear wound emulating the rays of blood and water as in the famous image of the Divine Mercy by Adolf Hyla. The most interesting discovery is that the church houses first class relics of St. Faustina (a piece of a major bone) and St. John Paul II (a drop of blood). And beside the reliquarium was Malaysia's first immersion baptismal pool!

The Divine Mercy

The Last Supper

Relics of St. John Paul II

Ate breakfast at Restoran Three Kingdoms. Just a simple meal of Kway Teow Thn'g and the supposedly famous Hokkien Mee at Jalan Sungai Ara 1. The aroma of pork overshadowed any hint of prawns. Not to my liking. Back home, we had our second breakfast of the famous Air Itam Asam Laksa. Quite satisfying.

Breakfast Chicken

Asam Laksa

Hokkien Mee

Lunch was at Spade's Burger as recommended by Pooh for its 'from scratch' taste. We shared a whole bunch of burgers, from pork, beef to fish. My favourite was the Dark Knight's lovely beef patty. Another interesting item was the Lollipork, pork patty on a stick with lots of mustard sauce. Went to St. Presso again after that. Eat, eat, drink, drink. Haha.



In the evening, SK, Apollo, QueerRanter-D and Brian went to Bukit Mertajam to meet a friend for dinner. KH stayed behind with me and my family and we ate at a nearby food court called You Yen Fen, another recommendation by Pooh. Usual hawker fare there (do not order the pie tee!). Bro ordered something I had never tried before-- Roti Milo. Surprisingly good. The heat brings out a fantastic chocolate aroma. The Tribe went back to KL after dinner with mum in tow.

Pai Tee


At around 9:00 PM, we went over to Pooh's house in Bayan Lepas. We were all quite impressed by the size of the place! Spacious. He brought us out for drinks at Penang's sole Kayu Nasi Kandar. Five shop lots and yet full to the brim. Tried some curry chicken, Roti Tiga Rasa (egg + Planta + kaya), Rava Dhosai and Maggi goreng (thumbs up!).

Maggi Goreng

Chicken Curry

Before bed, watched a bit of "Die Hard 4". Bruce Willis tu memang susah nak mampus. KH bugged me to get into the shower with him. And after freshening up we snuggled in bed. And totally out of character with him, we took silly photos in bed. He's so inexperienced at selfies and wefies that after the session he complained that his hand was sore. LOL.



Twilight Man said...

You are driving me nuts with all the Penang food pixs.

I wanna go home so badly.

Your last pix is really an art piece.

Hdaran said...

I live in Bukit Mertajam!!! Hahaha! So close yet so far!

William said...

Make a trip during Raya if you don't mind the jams.
The last pic is one of the failed attempts. Haha.

St Anne!

Derek said...

So tiring to take selfies!

William said...

We need more practise