Tuesday, July 21, 2015

On Your Back Please

Pulled Apart

Since before my Penang trip, I had been waking up with a stiff back. Noticed that my foam mattress had kinda developed a crater in the middle, so I guess that's the source of my problems. During my days in Penang, the stiffness went away. And when I came home, the pain returned. Obviously my mattress was to blame. Quickly went to source for a new mattress and bed frame (it crashed during sex once!). Unfortunately, the bed took some time to arrive. The wait was excruciating cause my back pain got worse. Would wake up one to two hours before my alarm due to the discomfort. -_-". During the day, I would be fine. But the stiffness would return in the morning.

Schindler Elevators

The problem had dragged on for too long. Even after the mattress arrived (pocket spring with latex top), my pain continued. Decided to visit the chiropractor to get to the bottom of things. Visited Green Chiropractic at Medan Klang Lama 28 with SK and KH. Impressed by their elevator from Schindler that had a lighted pressure panel instead of buttons. Futuristic indeed. SK found KH and I to be so kampung with our oooh-ing and aaah-ing. Although we had made an appointment, we still had to wait for more than an hour. The chiropractor introduced herself as Abby and proceeded to diagnose my problem. Gave her all the background information before she proceeded to do the adjustments. Using her fingers, she did not find any significant trigger points, so she suggested dry needling. Unlike TCM acupuncture that target meridien points, chiropractors target muscles. Felt little pin pricks on my back. But when the needles hit problematic areas on the left side of my lower back, the feeling was very distinct. A kind of weird pulling sensation. Towards the end, she worked on my sides and that was another painful experience. So grateful that KH was inside the treatment room holding my hand. XOXOXO. Ended the treatment with a heat pack on my back to relax the muscles. A week later I would need to go for a follow-up.

Heat / Cold Treatment Beds

After the treatment, we went downstairs to have some tea at The West, a Western cuisine restaurant operated by an Indian woman. Uncommon? SK ordered their lamb chop while KH tried their wild mushroom soup. The plating was pretty good, but one bite of the mashed potatoes was enough to turn her away. Too creamy perhaps. Hopefully my problem will be solved soon. Don't want to have to try everything on the menu. LOL.

Lamb Chop


Twilight Man said...

KH is too heavy!

Derek said...

Sure support dear! Glad that you finally got a new bed!

Jaded Jeremy said...

"But the stiffness would return in the morning" Doesn't it do that anyway? :P

William said...

That's what I say too! :P

Stable during skank sessions

Blek. Not 18 anymmore.