Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mitsui Boh Sui

On the Sofa

Woke up bright and early on Saturday morning not because I wanted to do taichi or jack off, but because ... I had enough sleep. A sign of age and no thanks to the continued stiffness in my back. Lazed in bed till it was time to have breakfast nearby. SK, KH, Lifebook and Brian had arrived after 9PM. We ate at the nearby Restoran Fei Wang. The highlight of the meal was a jar of tauchu that SK passed around the table. Contained a thick concoction of birds nest supplied by Lifebook. Yummy. Now we know his beauty secret.

Birds Nest

Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang opened on that Saturday without much fanfare but with a lot of 'fireworks'. The journey there took roughly half an hour. Would have been faster if not for the bottleneck at Taman Equine. Plenty of parking was still available when we arrived. First thing we realized about the place was the many closed lots. Close to half actually. The first shops we noticed was the Isetan Outlet and a Japanese specialty store called Fan. There was a cute Japanese photographer there named Kenka. Wanna eat his unagi! Most of the real luxury brands weren't open, e.g. Bally, Aigner, Zegna. Spent most of our time at Sacoor Brothers cause they were 75% off store-wide and their checkout counter was slow as molasses. The only other outlets that we bought something from was Triumph and Esprit. Had to leave by lunch time but we were spooked by the crazy lines at the auto pay parking kiosks. Don't know what made them think that 3 machines and one manual counter could handle a parking lot the size of several football fields. Lifebook went to complain to their Japanese management. Smoke was coming out of his ears! But before he managed to get his refund, we had already paid.

Opening Day

Failed Parking Machine

Late lunch was at Restoran Kong Sai, Taman Equine. SK ordered up a host of house specials. As far as we know, she hates shallot oil and Chinese parsley but doesn't mind that the Kwangsi specialty dip that is made from the same ingredients. Misteri Nusantara! Rushed to Green Chiropractic after that for my 3:00 PM appointment. They needled my back again. This time , each pin hit my 'G-spot' with shocking results.

Stuffed Tofu Pok

After my treatment, I chilled at Midsummer Cafe with KH. An interesting recommendation from Wai. If not for him, would never have expected that there was a cafe at that old row of automobile spare part shops. The shop had a Canto movie and comics theme. Weird combination right? The furniture's made from bare unstained wood and bulky as heck. The walls are decorated with comic book covers and movie posters. Saw a large poster of my favourite art house wuxia flick "Ashes of Time" facing the restrooms. :D. Even the coasters have short write-ups about famous directors and actors. I ordered their specialty-- The Dream while KH went for his usual, coffee with ice cream. The Dream comes on a tray and it requires some 'assembly'. The Dream = Espresso Cubes + Warm Milk + Espresso Shot + Gula Melaka. Lovely. A word of caution on their cakes though-- miniscule slices. The owner came in a while later and he showed us a card trick. Those 'Pick A Card' tricks coupled with complex shuffling. Free entertainment.

Comic Book Covers

The Dream

Coffee Ice

Small Slice, Big Price

In the evening, mum and I attended a Parent's Day function at the Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. It was a dinner cum awards ceremony. Plenty of prizes for students who had written about filial piety and also an award for father and mother of the year. There were also performances (no points for guessing that they had 變臉) and speeches. But as with all Cina events, when the food comes, nobody gives a shit about who talks or performs on stage. Very disrespectful for those on the stage. Left with a souvenier photograph with mum that came complete with a magnetic frame so that you can stick it on the refrigerator. Cute!

Parents Day


Twilight Man said...

Oh well, now I know where to get my supplies of bird nest!
This fella does not treat me good like you guys! Tsk! Tsk!
Hey, what kinda breakfast at 9pm!!!!!

Hdaran said...

Mitsui Park is apparently makeup haven now! I WANNA GO!!!

William said...

9 ok ah

You should just make friends with makeup artists and retailers. They usually have a 20-30% discount at the counters.

Anonymous said...

Wanna eat kenka's unagi! <3

William said...

Haha, he's kawaii

Derek said...

Time for second visit soon!