Monday, July 13, 2015

Mall Celebrities: Hunky Hansel

Sorry that I took this long to publish the follow up to Gardenia Gary. The hunky guy that came after Gary I name as Hunky Hansel. He came with a pretty female friend which made me think that he's straight. However, a friend of mine says that he bats for the other team. Entahlah. I just know that he looks very fine in a tight T and he has a 1000 Megawatt smile. And who can resist big arms and a boyish face? Enjoy.

Sure looks like he knew something fishy was going on. LOL.


Twilight Man said...

Tell him to sell durians with Jordan.

Gaysian Guy said...

He's real fine!

Yenyl Low said...

holey beauty

ernestlow said...

Is that a wedding band on his finger?

Jaded Jeremy said...

Hohoho you were caught red-handed? :)

William said...

LOL. Kena bukak baju check dulu.

4 out of 5 gays agree

Holey indeed.

Very observant!

Not the first time I've seen this result. Sometimes the subject looks straight at the camera. LOL.

Desi.Underground.Gay said...

Hahahaah. He completely noticed you taking pictures of him!

William said...

No objections then :D