Tuesday, July 28, 2015

JJ's Birthday


Sunday saw me having lunch with SK and mum at Fish & Co., Paradigm Mall after mass. Been ages since I actually had their seafood platter. Used to oooh-ahhh over it. Now they have diversified into chicken and pizza. Seems that it is never enough to specialize. End of the day, dropping sales force restaurants to diversify their menus. A gamble. Kinda like Chatime which has introduced snacks on their menu. The girls went shopping after that. A fruitful trip. Stopped for some coffee at Pacific Coffee before leaving for home.

Orange-Poppy Seed

As usual, made a quick stopover at Giant BK5 to get some salmon steaks for the kids. Saw something in the chiller that brought back childhood memories: "Chicken Bishop Nose". Hahaha. The ass la. The original popcorn chicken. Deep-fried and served in paper bags. I give them 5 Clogged Arteries.

Chicken Bishop Nose

In the evening, we had a dinner date with Jaded Jeremy and his hubby, Bunny. KH told them 6:30PM, but told us 7:00PM. So the poor birthday boy waited for half an hour at Hokano, Damansara Uptown. Poor thing. Food was quite good. I recommend the Hokano Roll and seaweed salad with wasabi dressing.

Salmon, Salmon, Salmon

Hokano Roll

Seaweed Salad

Continued our chit-chat at Kaffa. If you're not a coffee person, do try their Phresh Pressed Smoothie which a thick concoction of a trio of fruits. Quite refreshing.

I Love Coffee


Twilight Man said...

The food looked so delicious.
You should fry all the bishop's noses!
Makes you wild and stronger like a hen.

Ash Godiva said...

bishop's nose?!ini boleh merosakkan akidah.lol

William said...

Is that your secret?


Jaded Jeremy said...

Kurotsuhi Mayuri taicho at work :P

William said...

Beware of Ashisogi Jizō