Saturday, July 11, 2015

I Love Mum

Hakka Noodles

Did the usual Saturday marketing except that mum and I went to Seri Petaling instead of OUG. Breakfast was at Restoran Alisan, my mum's favourite place for Hakka noodles. In the afternoon, mum fried some Ipoh hor fun that I had 'forced' my colleague to buy for me. Went out for coffee at Piccolo after that with SK and KH. The day before, I commented that he rarely took photos of me and lo and behold, he actually brought out his new camera. Haha. But then, I'm not sure if it was to play with his new toy or it was in response to my comment.


Coffee Time

Celebrated Mother's Day in the evening. We were joined by Apollo + mum and SK + granny. The venue was Favola, Le Meridien Hotel. The only reason we ate at a five star hotel was because SK's UOB Preferred Platinum credit card had a 40% discount dining privilege there. At the very last minute, The Tribe wanted to join us (their Melaka trip was cancelled cause Little Monster came down with conjunctivitis), but the restaurant was fully-booked. I put on my super red Zara shirt and drove the gang to KL Sentral.

Kokeshi & Mum

They gave us a nice high-backed booth with a good view of the restaurant. We shared several mains and a pizza. The executive pizza was really huge, definitely value for money. Took up most of the available space on the table. No wonder the waitress' eyes bulged when SK suggested ordering two pizzas. And I loved the jumbo sea scallops starter. Really fresh and juicy. The pasta was ho-hum. The BBQ cod was another favourite. Huge chunk of delicious cod that came with a complimentary visit to the salad bar buffet. Nothing in the dessert menu caught our eye though. On our way out, mum was given a pack of Mother's Day cookies. Not bad.

Venetian Mask

On our way down to the car park, an uncle coming in suddenly asked my mum:

Uncle: How was the food? Nice?

Mum: Nice!

Uncle: Quite high class hor?

Mum: Mother's Day ma!

Happy Mother's Day

Ended the night at Encore Patisserie with some coffee and tea.

Flavoured Coffee

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