Monday, July 27, 2015

Hair & Coffee

Good Days Start With Coffee

Mum cancelled her Saturday marketing to get her hair permed at Salak South. Since she was out fixing her hair, I made an appointment with my stylist too. Managed to catch him right after his holiday trip to HK. Complained that it rained the whole time he was there. Managed to meet KH after my haircut at Citrus Park, OUG. He had just finished a hike at Bukit Gasing. That silly boyfriend of mine actually went to do such a strenuous activity just a few days after recovering from his sickness. Told me he saw stars at the top of the hill. Lack of common sense. Ish. He was fine by the time he saw me (perhaps seeing me was therapeutic LOL). Anyway, he accompanied for lunch at Nando's. And we later went to Doors Cafe for coffee. I was very happy with their latte that day. Camwhored with KH, trying out the voice-controlled shutter feature of his LG G2. Two idiots shouting kimchi to get their photo taken. Wakakaka.



Hdaran said...

You must do something to buang the evil eye because I am very the jealous of you and KH!!!

Twilight Man said...

Aww! So sweet!

I mean the coffee!

William said...


The kopi tak manis :P