Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Food & Sex

Nasi Lemak

Surprisingly, mum did not need to do any marketing on Saturday morning. Brought her to Seri Petaling for breakfast, where there was a wet market anyway. In the afternoon, she left for her AGM at Kuchai Lama. Perfect opportunity for an afternoon delight with KH. Super hot and stuffy that afternoon, so we decided to shower together to wash off the sweat and get things rolling. Ended making love on my new bed. Wonderful to be able to have sex without worrying if the bed would give way. LOL. Guess this means that we had christened the bed but we didn't stain the sheets. Went out to have post-sex coffee after showering again. Thought that we could get a table at Owls Cafe, but the waiting customers had overflowed out to the stairs. Went over to Hailam Kopitiam instead. I ordered the nasi lemak as I was feeling nip-ish and KH mentioned that it was his brother's favourite nasi lemak in KL. SK joined us later bringing her home made kaya made using a Tesco bread maker. Taste-wise it was OK, but way too watery. She actually ordered white bread so that we could taste her handiwork.

Illuminated Display

Mum was home by 5:00 PM. She brought home some fried noodles from her meeting. Non-stop eating for me! Later in the evening, SK and I sent her to Serdang Perdana for her facial appointment. SK & I went to Lakefields to lepak. Discovered the Melium Outlet there. Too bad they close at 7:30 PM, else there would have been more time to shop. Wasn't really hungry, so we decided to share a burger at Meat & Bun. It was a full house. Our table was right beside the stage there, but luckily no one played that night. Customers also can entertain themselves with two dart machines there. My latte came, but the food didn't. Made several inquiries but Pinoy service staff kept giving me the same answer. Couldn't wait any longer, so we up and left at 7:30 PM. The person in charge apologized and actually didn't charge us for the latte. A pleasant surprise. Would have been crabbier if I was actually hungry. Picked mum up and off we went for supper at Restoran D' Noor. Good chapati and naan. Big portion and fluffy. Unfortunately the Tandoori chicken was too burnt... Thus ends a day of food and sex.


Twilight Man said...

I have those blue bottles!! Will blog them soon.

Derek said...

Hehe afternoon delight? Turkish delight?

William said...

Make the same display

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