Tuesday, June 30, 2015

More Babysitting

Meat & Noodles

Woke up bright and early on Saturday not because I had to go to the market, but because the kids were already banging on my door. Groggily, I got dressed and went out to breakfast with them. Mum no longer favoured our usual wantan mee haunt, so we went to the kopitiam next door instead. The wantan mee there is good too! Springy but the meat's kinda sweet though. Back home, I started a Peppa Pig marathon for the kids to shut them up. At 11:00 AM, sent Big Monster out to Seri Petaling for his science class. With all the recent development, Seri Petaling has gone from bad to worse. Too many cars, too little parking. It was just an hour, so we waited for him. Mum did some chores and we had some time to spare for lunch with SK. Lunched at Ipoh Chicken Rice 1977, away from the horrible hustle and bustle. Little Monster got up just in time to makan. Just as I was leaving, Sharky turned up. But sadz he never tegur me lo... (but he messaged me afterwards, that's how I know LOL)

White Chicken

Since KH wanted to paktor on Sunday, we went to sunset mass on Saturday. Dropped Big Monster off at SK's, while the little one followed us. He napped in the car again. When we arrived at church, he was all groggy. For half of the mass, he just sat on the pew, staring blankly into space. Perfect. LOL. For the second half, we gave him a bun to munch. Surprisingly, sambal ikan bilis is no problem for him now. Dinner was at MaisonSK's. Not a week goes by without her organising a dinner party. The main course was a seafood BKT that was whipped up by Apollo's mum. KH opened yet another bottle of wine. I gave it a pass as my throat was being problematic. Opted for Earl Grey Lavender tea instead...


Twilight Man said...

I always cursed Damansara Uptown for its terrible jams and double parkings but I think Sri Petaling is more horrendous with narrow streets and more cars! Phew!

William said...

Both are teruk