Thursday, June 25, 2015

Journey to the East III: TheTribe Returns

Forgotten Card

With no need to go to the market, I scheduled a visit to the doctor on Saturday morning. Decided to do a full blood test after a lull of nearly two years. Curious to know if the oat powder that I had been taking twice a day was working. The elderly doctor took some blood after enquiring about my medical history. When I opened my wallet to pay, I found that KH had secretly slotted my RapidKL card into it. It was his way of making sure I didn't forget to bring my card on weekdays.

Breakfast at Piccolo

SK joined me for breakfast at Piccolo Cafe. Shared the big breakfast. Not that great at all. Their stuff is always over-fried. Out of the blue, SimonLover buzzed me and we quickly made an ad hoc lunch appointment at Tropicana City Mall. Made a quick call to JJ and was glad that he and is hubby could join. To appease JJ and Bunny's discerning tastes, we ate at Sushi Tei. Main topics were SimonLover's health and Bunny's bed bug infestation. Moved to Hui Lau Shan for a second round.

Triple Mango

The Tribe arrived in KL that evening. They had bought lots and lots of vegetables from the highlands so naturally dinner was at home. Big Monster found some new botanical pets-- a bunch of potted succulents and a pair of wheat grass dolls (they look VERY salah). The pearl corn that they bought was oh so sweet! Ate it raw and it was awesome. And chilled was Yacón also a refreshing snack. Judging from the stories I heard, it was quite a trip. While in Kuantan, mum visited many old friends and neighbours. Also met up the the kid that she used to babysit and he's so grown up now. And of course it was a JJCM trip. Poor Little Monster got sick while at Bukit Gambang and was just plain cranky for half the trip.



On Sunday, it was church as usual. MaisonSK hosted another dinner party, this time to celebrate her bonus at work. There was satay, sushi, pizza and fried vegetarian noodles. I supplied the hard liquor. As usual, Brian babysat the kids. He's a natural with them. I'll suggest him to my sister. Hehe.


Chicken Wings

Salmon Belly Sushi

P.S.: The blood test results weren't pretty. My cholesterol levels were way over the maximum. Looks like the oats don't work for me any more. Judging by my age and family history, the doctor suggested that I start taking statins. Oh well!



Twilight Man said...

I am very shocked to hear about your results, given your age and petite size with lotsa sexercise!!! @ faints @

Twilight Man said...
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Happy walker said...

i like chicken wing

Jaded Jeremy said...

Whaaaat? Really have to take the medicine ar? :(

How about the ratio of good-to-bad cholesterol? Also bad ka?

Hdaran said...

Oh no! Bring out the fish oils!!!


eat too much "good" food jor~

ernestlow said...

Wills, pls try taking fresh roselle extracts from Roselle Farm in Cameron Highlands. Contact Jazze 012 618 3008. It is packed into individual sachets and chilled. Pls mix with water and drink. It is quite efficacious.

William said...


I'm sure you do

All bad, for years

Been taking fish oil for years


Hontoni? Thanks for the recommendation. You take it?

Ash Godiva said...
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Ash Godiva said...
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Ash Godiva said...

i used to have high cholesterol before and i took pomegranate extract,my cholesterol go down after that,mixed 2/3 tablespoon with a glass of water,add honey if you want to sweeten it a bit,twice can google pati delima for more info,yusof tayoob got sell this thing:D

roselle extract as suggested by ernest should work also.

ernestlow said...

Yes Wills please give it a try!