Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Journey to the East II: Dim Sum Dollies at Dolly Dim Sum

Halal Dim Sum

Friday night was paktor night for KH and I. We met at Avenue K and had dinner at Dolly Dim Sum. Fresca, their sister restaurant had plenty of vacant tables, but the dim sum place was quite full. Took them some time to clear up a table for us. Nearly felt like doing it myself. Impressive business for a halal dim sum place. Seems to be a hit with the Malays. Looked at their menu and the first thing that caught my eye was their prices. Averaging at MYR8, it's nearly on par with hotels and high-class restaurants. To gauge the quality of their food, we ordered the classics of siew mai and har gao. Both passed the test. Fresh, good taste and texture. Although the pan-fried radish cake looked simple, the aroma was amazing. According to Foursquare, they make a fantastic custard bun (KH's fave), but it didn't strike a chord with me. However, I loved their spicy Szechuan dumplings. And their beef balls were way better than what I had at Tim Ho Wan. Can give their wasabi prawn dumplings (they look like currypuffs) a miss though. And do make sure you order all you need in one go as add-on orders take ages. They need to fix that else would eventually fail as a good dim sum place. After dinner, we went shopping at Isetan Food Market. Our paktor style is already halfway to Homo domesticus. Hehe.


Szechuan Spicy Dumplings

Wasabi Prawn Dumplings


Yenyl Low said...

My brother is the main dim sum chef for the restaurant BTW.

William said...

My compliments to your brother

Ash Godiva said...

oh halal dimsum?!i should go there:D