Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Journey to the East I: Fruit Ninja

William @ Starbie

The school holidays were starting in a few days and all of a sudden mum told me that she was going for a week-long trip with my sister! My eyes lit up because it would mean quality time with KH! Turns out that they would be heading out on Sunday morning to the east coast city of Kuantan, my home town. Two days there, then two days in Bukit Gambang Water Park and the final two days in Cameron Highlands. Quite a journey. Early Sunday morning, I went to English mass and went to Paradigm Mall (where else?) to kill some time before my appointment with my hair stylist. Got a replacement clock at Kaison and other knick-knacks that caught my eye. Then sat down to a latte at Starbucks. Not long after I got my drink, two fellas occupied the table beside mine and my gaydar immediately bleeped. Turns out it was PT from FF doing some marketing. They were close enough that I could catch their serious conversation on fitness, nutrition, exercise and sagging muscles. With a swipe of my fingers, I posted a spy pic on FB and it took no more than ten minutes for our mutual friends to tag him. Such a small world.

I arrived at my hairdresser's slightly early, but thankfully he was ready for me. Got it short again. Can't believe that my last visit was three weeks before CNY. Settled lunch at Esquire Kitchen. Just a simple plate of signature stir-fried Shanghai noodles. Can remember the days when Esquire Kitchen was considered THE place to eat. Things are different now. Also loitered a while at the magazine shop. Something caught my eye-- "IMAN: Cara Mudah Dapat Pahala Berterusan". Even had Ridhuan Tee's icky face on one corner. A magazine that teaches Muslims how to earn religious brownie points easily. Sounds simplistic.

Majalah Iman

KH said that he would visit me at 3:00 PM, so I went home to prepare (read: douche). He appeared at my doorstep in a trench coat and nothing underneath(if only). As usual, the first he does is kiss me and we proceed to take a shower together. We make sure each other's naughty bits are clean and then we open the floodgates. Much to my surprise, we climaxed together, something that never happened before during our lovemaking. Definitely a personal milestone. Rested in each others arms and later freshened up for dinner cum Japanese fruits fiesta at MaisonSK. Gave QueerRanter-D ¥5,000 shopping money and he came back with premium apples, strawberries, tangerines and passion fruit. In addition to fresh fruits, he added on a box of Tokyo Banana. Yum, yum, yum.

Japanese Fruits

Apple Times Two

Flower Fruit

Tokyo Banana


Twilight Man said...

They planned their trip without you & helped you open your floodgates!

Anonymous said...

Wonder when's the quake..

William said...

Sex is gooood

There is no way to predict earthquakes accurately