Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Mall Celebrities: Hot Alex

The guy on the left la. In case you didn't know, the guy on the right is Alex Chee (another Alex, another straight guy)
Bumped into Alex Choong the other day at Sungei Wang Plaza. Recognized him although he was fully-clothed in contrast to what I'm more used to-- Alex Choong in underpants. Well, the hottie was with a female friend. And he was all touchy-touchy with her. Guess he really is straight. Or bisexual. LOL. Enjoy.



u film him?

William said...

That's a GIF made out of a series of pictures, not a video. But technically, that's what videos are. :P

Derek said...

Why you would think Alex Choong is not straight? 0.0

William said...

Wishful thinking lol

Hdaran said...

I feel that, we, gay men, tend to think that no men are completely straight.

Aaron Ng said...

so stalker O_O

William said...

Kinsey says that there is a scale

Long time no see. Yes, "so stalker". Thank you. Hehe.