Tuesday, June 16, 2015

CNY Zombies

Paper Paradise

The morning market had mellowed down with CNY at its tail end. Qing Ming had even started appearing on the shelves. And best of all, Jaguar Lim's (self-professed future world star) movie "Zombies vs the Lucky Exorcist" had a publicity stunt at the market. Too bad I missed seeing Chinese 'vampires' jumping in front of kopitiams. The business owners must be thrilled to have such an auspicious thing happen. In case you don't know, Jaguar Lim is the boss of Country Tid Bits & Candies Conttage. Back when you were a student, you might have loitered at his shop in Midvalley Megamall or the Genting Skyway base station, eating free samples of preserved fruit to your heart's delight.

Breakfast Noodles

Zombies vs the Lucky Exorcist

Brought mum out to Midvalley Megamall after finishing our morning chores. Ate at Nichinan Jidoriya, a relatively new establishment there. They had a pretty good set for two. Only MYR68++ for salmon sashimi, gyoza, shabi-shabu, volcano roll, chicken teppanyaki, salmon skin salad and ice lemon tea. At Robinsons, I bought a Lamy roller ball pen that was on their promotion list. Funny thing was, I had to tell them that it was on sale. In the evening, we had a dinner party at MaisonSK with a mahjong session. KH was utterly thrilled.

Salmon Sashimi

Volcano Roll

Chicken Teppanyaki



Hdaran said...

That happens with me when I buy makeup sometimes. Some of the assistants don't even know an item is on sale...

William said...

Annoying kan?