Friday, June 26, 2015

Check Your Neck

Red Cross

Ever since mum came back from her East Coast trip, she complained of pains in her shoulder and arms. I gave her nightly massages, but it didn't seem to go away. Best choice was to see the doctor. Revisited the Orthopaedic surgeon in Tung Shin. Her last visit was in 2009! Arrived at Tung Shin bright and early, but obviously not early enough because there was already a crowd at the waiting area. Turns out that the queue number begins at 7:00 AM! Oh well. For some reason, the hospital attracts loads of PRC patients. When it came to our turn, the doctor asked mum some questions and did his thing. He surmised that she must have hurt herself during the long drive. Not good to sit without back and neck support, with your head lolling about during the car ride. Bound to hurt some muscles and nerves. He gave her medication and advised her to do daily neck and shoulder exercises. Hopefully she will be diligent. The last I remembered, Tung Shin had a manual parking payment system. Got a surprise when I found no attendant at the gate. I tried to reverse but a lady behind me really couldn't get the point. She just stayed behind me and honked although I gestured for her to reverse. What a wool-headed woman!

Old Hospital

Since we were already in KL, we went to The Pavilion for lunch and jalan-jalan. We were the first customers at Ichi Zen. Took advantage of their cheap lunch sets with super cheap add-ons. Just MYR10 for 5 pieces of full-sized nigiri sushi Even the 5 pieces of white tuna sashimi was more expensive than the set. Roamed through Parkson and Ms. Read and later ended up at Sinma. The whole shop was full of fake bling and dazzling lights. Very uncomfortable to be in there. The heat from the lamps and the constant sparkle... I'm sure there's not a day that passes without a faint or a seizure among the employees. Cooled down at Azzurro Cafe, an airy and comfortable place for coffee and cake.


Frog Prince


Mezzo & Mezzo

As usual, dinner was at MaisonSK. The special for the night was meat dumplings. Nom nom nom!

Meat Dumplings


Twilight Man said...

I always believed the old wives tales to put our pillows under the sun and it always helped to heal stiff necks. Take care of your mummy ok!

Hdaran said...

That's some tasty looking sushi!!!

Jaded Jeremy said...

The sushi is so cheap!

William said...

Unfortunately that won't help with bone spurs

Nom nom nom!

A steal