Thursday, June 18, 2015

Celebrating 34


Truth be told, my own birthday had never been a big thing for me. Unlike some, I do not look up whether it falls on a weekday or a weekend. I don't throw parties nor do I take a day off. As an exception to the norm, KH took leave on his birthday this year. As his loving boyfriend, of course I would do the same! Bright and early, I picked him up and we both mulled over the idea of breakfast. I was thinking of dim sum on Old Klang Road, but was concerned about the rush hour traffic and lack of parking. The birthday boy decided to go to his favourite dim sum place in Pudu. Switched on Waze and it guided us to Kampung Pandan. At a critical turning, we screwed up and ended up on MEX heading back to Bukit Jalil! 天啊! Then when we tried to go back to KL again via MEX, I got on the wrong direction towards Putrajaya! F*ckity-f*ck! Sigh. Skipped the idea of breakfast and directly drove to Corus Hotel. Had half an hour to spare before our massage appointment at Danai Spa (they were having a Groupon promotion), so we nibbled some roti jala at Nasi Kukus Warisan, Avenue K. After finishing our cup of hot cham, we headed upstairs.

Maneki Neko

A very small spa indeed with the treatment rooms lining the same corridor as the guest rooms! The lady at the front desk greeted us cheerfully and gave us the run down. Chose the type of massage, the oil blend, and the post-massage organic tea and also filled up a customer profile form. Such a lengthy process. I chose the couple's treatment room, but we weren't gonna be using the jacuzzi. As usual, it started with a foot bath. First time putting my leg in blue water. I was immediately reminded of toilet sanitizers. LOL. Based on my past experiences, the signature massage was quite disappointing. Hated the way they applied the pressure, or the lack of it. Neither here nor there, like diluted soya milk. Ugh. We were so oily after the massage that we decided to opt for a shower. They left us in the room and we both shared the shower stall. Perfect place to steal a kiss and cop a feel (or a quick f*ck?).

Next on our itinerary was lunch at The Pavilion. Easy enough to find parking on a Tuesday afternoon. Didn't really have an idea of what to eat. Gave Cafe de Paris a try with its interesting Eiffel Tower design. Shared a small pot of creamy chicken stew. Not bad, but a tad salty. And if you dine there, do consider sitting closer to the entrance because you might end up smelling like the kitchen.

Chicken Stew

And what's a date with KH without watching a movie? Bought tickets for "Chappie" at 1440. Didn't expect the movie to be so immersed in South African gangster and Zef culture, with Yolandi and Ninja from Die Antwoord providing much of the colour and spice. And Yolandi's Afrikaans vocals were quite attractive.

Before dinner, we lepak-ed at Cafe Azzuro. Been meaning to try their coffee. Surprised to see that they had a huge selection, kinda like Espressamente Illy. The adventurous birthday boy ordered the Kathay, a latte that uses santan instead of cow's milk. The resulting coffee was super lemak! I went for the Mezzo & Mezzo, a typical cold mocha drink. And of course he got a slice of his favourite Red Velvet cake.

Gold & White

At 6:30 PM, we walked over to Kaihomaru at Starhill Gallery. It was located where Gonbei used to be. Even retained the wall full of Japanese family crest carvings. It seemed like we had booked the whole restaurant as we were the only customers. A must have at Kaihomaru is of course the imported unagi kabayaki. KH goes crazy over the stuff. And since it was Tuesday (air-flown fish delivery every Tuesday and Friday), we ordered a selection of premium nigiri sushi and gindara teppanyaki. The cod was really nicely done without the usual over-powering aroma of fishy oil. Sent him home after dinner and gave him a good night kiss below his condo. XOXO.

Mon / Japanese Family Crests

Unagi Kabayaki

At the end of the day, KH did not get any birthday sex. Good things come to those who wait! Happy 34th birthday dear!


zerachiel said...

belated birthday wishes to KH :)

Hdaran said...

My best to the couple and wishing KH a very belated 34th and a grand year ahead!!!


u should do the quickie~

Twilight Man said...

Happy Birthday Naughty Boy!
How come your legs got so much bulu now? Time to wax again.

William said...

I'll let him know



Those aren't my legs le

Dan said...

Noticed u seem to like taking photo of ur legs :O

William said...

I understand that bulge pics would be wildly more popular :P

Anonymous said...

Yes wildly... :P

Derek said...

Thanks dear for spending the day with me. Had a lovely and wonderful time! Muacks

William said...

I'll need another channel for that

Got mang zang I mang zang or not?