Saturday, June 06, 2015

A VDay with Buddies

Longevity Peaches

Valentine's Day was like any other marketing Saturday, except for the fact that it was on the final weekend before CNY. The Chinese came out in full force to make last minute purchases. Even the pick pockets stepped up their activities with five cases reported by 9:00 AM (vendors make periodic public service announcements). Many were milling around the flower and dried seafood stalls. Not satisfied with her stash from the wet market, mum directed me to Giant for further shopping. Found that they set up a little something for VDay inside the Hypermarket to showcase suitable gift choices. Hope their Shariah Index would not be affected. In the afternoon, just did some chores and lazed around.

Pork Tendon Balls

Flowers Galore

Happy Valentine's Day

Main activity of the day was dinner a 'double date + 1' at Basil Pasta House, Kuchai Lama (you guessed it, Apollo, QueerRanter-D and SK). By the time we arrived, it was already pretty full. Strangely, it was mostly a family affair rather than a couples' affair. Much crowded than usual. Our table was cramped so close to the wall that Apollo gave the waitress an evil stare causing her to immediately rearrange some furniture. No special, over-priced VDay menu, so that was good news for us. My favourite for the night was the spinach and blue cheese tortellini. The fusion Madras pork chop spaghetti tasted too much like Mee Sedap Goreng.

Melon and Jamón ibérico

Spinach and Blue Cheese Tortellini

Madras Pork Chop Spaghetti

Dessert was at the nearby 1Cafe or as I prefer to say, Perodua Cafe. Apollo was renting out his unit at Parklane OUG, so he wanted to show us the place. Quite amazed at Akisama's ability to deliver 4000 units of stratified property ahead of schedule and without managing to sell it all. A cash-rich developer that one should look out for. The place was quite nice, but of course the density can be quite intimidating when the occupancy rate rises. KH and I only managed to exchange a VDay kiss. If only he followed us to Apollo's unit, we would have christened one of the room's for him! LOL.

Cake Time

Urban Density


Happy walker said...

happy day~

Hdaran said...

Valentine's Day just seems to pass uneventfully for me.

William said...


Can always make something happen with family and friends