Friday, June 12, 2015

2015CNY4-7: Rush Back to Singapore

Lou Sang

Since mum and I didn't attend Ash Wednesday mass, we got our ashes on the fourth day of CNY. Almost everyone was dressed up (those left in KL) and it was still kinda contrasting to be in your CNY new clothes and your forehead marked with ashes. Had lunch with The Tribe at Capital Nasi Dagang, Damansara Uptown with The Tribe. Although a 100% milik Ultra-Kiasu restaurant, it was good that they were open in the CNY season. When my nasi dagang was served, I couldn't concentrate on eating cause I had to settle the movie ticket purchase for after-lunch entertainment. By the time I was done, I found that I had less than one hour to eat and drive to IOI Mall! And I even took a wrong turn while getting there. Fuh! Still, we were in time to watch "From Vegas to Macau II". Compared to the movie we watched on CNY I, this was MUCH MORE worth the money. Funny with Chow Yun-Fatt and plenty of explosions. LOL. Even the kids were entertained.

Thần Bài 2015: Đổ Thành Phong Vân 2 - From Vegas to Macau II 2015

In the evening, we had a big dinner party at Hee Lai Ton, Puchong Jaya organized by mum. Invited SK + SK's granny, Apollo + Apollo's mum, QueerRanter-D, KH, Lifebook and Brian. The dinner set was like a wedding banquet and unfortunately didn't have much vegetarian dishes for QueerRanter-D. And KH brought two bottles of wine to liven things up. In addition to celebrating CNY, it was a joint celebration of my sister's birthday. We got her a banana chocolate cake from Harold's Bread. Surprise, surprise when she cut it. It was white on the inside and black on the outside. Like a reverse MJ. Didn't expect that.

Steamed Fish

On the fifth day of CNY, we went shoppng AGAIN! This time to Sunway Pyramid. Been ages since I went there. The first thing that caught my eye was Jipangi, some Korean dessert that serves soft serve ice cream in a cane. Truth be told, it's downright weird munching/sucking on that THING while walking around in a mall. And for some reason, a strong grape flavour emanates from the place. Just a normal walk-walk with no major purchases. :D. Started work on CNY 6 and in the evening, The Tribe came over for dinner and a fireworks session.

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By CNY 7 I was back in Singapore for a client presentation. Bah. Been ages since I did those things-- selling things that were not there. At least there was no real pressure as the deal was already struck. My boss treated lunch at Ka-Soh, Amoy Street. As it was 人日, the place was full with many tables going for lou sang (it is the proper day to do it, not 2 weeks before CNY!). Yummy dishes all around-- deep-fried frogs legs, sambal cuttlefish, stir-fried fish slices, etc. They have an interesting dish where an entire chicken is de-constructed into a fried flattened fillet with a base of sesame seeds. Very peculiar. In the evening, I met Tater up for dinner at Aston's. His leaving Singapore was getting very real with all his preparations. Been seeing him a lot in 2014 and would miss him when he finally leaves for Bangkok. I hadn't been in that neck of the woods in years. Hopefully can arrange something in the future.



Hdaran said...

What a peculiarly phallic looking thing! Was that the Jipangi place???

William said...

Yes, it's filled with soft-serve ice cream

ika2331 said...

hey william.. I have no idea if you were able to get my email/message that i sent you through your "contact me" tab but in case you didn't, I just wanna ask if you still have any news about Nagi and Sho from CW coz by far your the only active blog that I found that had them as your topic. I'm sorry if this is completely unrelated to your post..

William said...

hi. Thanks for writing in. They have most probably retired. Haha.

ika2331 said...

@William so nothing? huhuh :( but thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey, a Tater post! These are my favorite!!! You should go visit him in Bangkok and write it up with plenty of photos. :-)