Thursday, June 11, 2015

2015CNY3: What's Two Minus One?

Pineapple Prawns

On the third day (He rose again), I made a visit to my tenant. The Nepalese was moving out, leaving the Korean. She greeted me at the door. And when I was gonna take off my slippers, she stopped me. Turns out that they wear footwear IN THE HOUSE. Good Lord. And as I glanced at the entrance grill, I found it to be covered by a thick layer of dust. If one was to carbon date it, no doubt it would prove that my tenants didn't do any cleaning for a year! A pair of dust bunnies! Took a brief look around to make sure that the home appliances were in good working order and returned the deposit to her. Chatted with her a while and she revealed that she would be going to the US for work. Wish her all the best and I hope that will at least pick up the habit to dust while she's in New York. Back home, mum was busy cooking lunch as The Tribe came over (as did SK, her granny and Apollo's mum). One of the more creative dishes was mum's pineapple prawns that came served in a pineapple boat.

Sambal Cuttlefish

Deep-fried Prawns

Fish Cake

Teriyaki Chicken Wings

And what's CNY if one didn't go to the shopping mall again? Bro needed some replacement spectacles, so we went to Optical 88 at Midvalley Megamall. Not very impressed with the decorations. Just a whole lot of red cloth and some cute-sy porcelain goats.

For the Love of Goat

Enter the Phoenix

In the evening, had another makan-makan party at Klang with Gratitude and his mum. SK also contributed by bringing over steamed Chinese sausages and Apollo's mum made chicken kau yuk (very uncommon). For at least half the evening, Gratitude was on his feet busying himself with this and that. Finally he sat down and we managed to chat over cups of chilled Japanese plum wine.

Dinner Party

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