Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2015CNY2: Visiting the Pyramid


Nothing much went on the second day. In the morning, went through mum's old, black and white photos. One of these days, I shall embark on a project to digitize all of them. Back in those days, people loved to take photographs and develop them, exchanging copies with family and friends. I'm sure it wasn't exactly cheap back then but they did it anyway. Truth be told, back in those days, they took such artistic photos and without the help of digital cameras. Ate lunch at home after doing some house chores. Later in the afternoon, ventured out to Sunway Pyramid with mum and bro. The management decided to use a yarn-tangled sheep farm as the theme of their CNY decorations. Not your run-of-the-mill sheep, but Technicolor sheep. Paired with the AstroTurf, it felt a little bit like Teletubbies. And the yarn webbing made it look like Shelob was about to spring down from the rotunda. Haha.

CNY @ Sunway Pyramid

Made a short stop at Hui Lau Shan after shopping (mum bought four plush lambs from three different shops) and camwhoring. Talked a little with Rich when I passed by his counter. Poor fella had to work through CNY. Retail jobs suck. MaisonSK hosted dinner that evening. Apollo's mum cooked more seafood. This time round was a big plate of scallops. Yummy! CNY is the perfect time to ramp up one's cholesterol levels. Really wonder if I'm taking enough beta glucan.

Mango Dessert

Fish Cake


Derek said...

Second day didn't meet baby :-(

William said...

Yeah la, you bad de :P