Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tater Treat

Hunky Chef

On my first night in Singapore, Tater booked me for dinner. Unfortunately, I was running a bit late that evening because a client was asking for documentation and it had to do with my part. Blegh. Told Tater that I might be late. He told me no problem and would only pop the chicken into the oven when I told him I was leaving office. Only then did I know he was cooking! Turns out it was for a special occasion-- my anniversary with KH! Gosh, so nice of him. When I arrived, he was busy in the kitchen whipping up some corn (no, he wasn't dressed in an apron and underwear only LOL). The cream sauce chicken was in the oven. He 'riced up' the chicken by using Tsao Tsing wine instead of cooking Sherry. For carbs, he boiled some brown rice. The meal was Tater-licious.

Creamy Chicken

Normally my room had a copy of the Holy Bible placed by the Gideons. This time round, I had The Teaching of Buddha. A first for me. On Thursday evening, the highlight of my trip arrived at Changi Airport, i.e. KH. He came by the hotel at around 10:00 PM and we showered together. Cleaned him up real good and we added we steamed up the mirrors a bit. Out of the shower, KH was feeling a bit nippish. I prepared for that eventuality by visiting the bakery after my dinner. With that hunger satisfied, he started thinking of sex. My body responded very positively to his teasing and we made love passionately, shifting from position to position. Luckily the room next door was vacant as my room had a connecting door that's notorious for transferring sound. In the heat of the moment, forgot about the armchair, forgot about the jockstrap and forgot about the cock ring. Ack. And I didn't climax. Blue balls!

Bible of Buddha


Anonymous said...

I bet Tater must have a great body.

William said...

The picture speaks for itself

Jaded Jeremy said...

That's really nice of Tater!

Mana dapat cock ring? And who uses it?