Friday, May 15, 2015

Susahnya Shopping

Rainbow Loo

The end of the January marked my 8th year with KH, so I was determined to get him something special. Woke up bright and early, had my breakfast and headed out to Orchard for some inspiration. I walked from ION to Isetan to Takashimaya to Robinsons to Sommerset 313. No luck. Didn't see anything that fit into wonderful and affordable. Lol. Shopping in Orchard is not for the faint-hearted. Looked for lunch at Taka's Food Village. Saw 1A Currypuffs and immediately went for it. Chose an uncommon variety-- chilli crab. Find the skin so much better than Old Chang Kee. Supplemented with char siew bao and a pan-fried meat bao from one of the seasonal stalls and that was it. Sat at one of the benches and read "Strange Tales from China" while I munched away on the hot snacks. Before I left, there was another must-eat that I had to revisit-- Rive Gauche Patisserie. Years ago, KH bought me a slice of Guanaja from there. But my eyes caught sight of a more beautiful option-- Pearl of the Tiara (such a gay name kan?). A decadent slice of chocolate ganache with Bailey's Cream, walnuts and white chocolate. Smelled like heaven when I opened the box (amazingly the cake was unscathed though I brought it all over Orchard and into the crowded MRT). My last stop for the day was Tokyu Hands in Sommerset 313. I would describe it as a premium Daiso where generic is replaced with branded. Even a simple coin pouch is designer and costs more than SGD20. In conclusion, I failed to find the perfect gift, but I did get some ideas. Got back to the hotel, showered, wanked and took a nap. Ate dinner with my colleagues and later retreated to my room to savour my cake. Bliss.

Pearl of the Tiara


Derek said...

So sweet of you dear. It's the thought that counts.

William said...

Failed :(