Thursday, May 28, 2015

Singapore Meet & Greet


We were supposed to have brunch with Tater at Cocotte on Saturday but that turned out to be a wild goose chase. Similar to what happened when Tater brought me to Tanglin Mall some weeks ago. Walking past two Hotel 81's (that kind of place), we finally arrived at Wanderlust Hotel (a heritage building with very hipster interior decoration), where the restaurant is situated. Firstly, it wasn't gonna be open for another hour. Secondly, they only have a buffet for weekend brunch. At SGD50++ per head, we ran as fast as we could.

Table Monster

The Barber of Fleet Street

Bottled Light

Tater brought us to Lowercase in La Salle School of Arts. Although I passed by that place numerous times, I never noticed the existence of that food joint! Huge, airy space perfect for parties. And if you have kids, dump them at the inflatable castle at the lower floor. Quite convenient. On weekends, they serve items from two menus, the extra menu being from Bookshop Cafe on Clarke Quay. And I nearly brought home their order pager. Usually its shaped like a small UFO, but their's was like a small miku. I pocketed it and forgot about it until the waiter asked for it (didn't feel it vibrate!).

Airy Cafe


Next up we met up MoonlightPiggy at Bugis Junction. She was sad because her aunt passed away the night before due to liver failure. Originally, we looked for waffles to cheer her up, but couldn't find any. So French toast with raspberry coulis from Miam Miam would have to do. Also paired it with a matcha souffle. Other than the sad news, she also talked about an office romance that kinda irked her.

French toast with raspberry coulis

Matcha Souffle

Our next appointment was with Kidz. Since it was too early for dinner, we did some shopping together at Uniqlo. All three of us bought fleece jackets cause they were going cheap! Interesting to note that Kidz has a fetish for fleece. Admitted that he loves the feeling of it on his bare skin (rub rub). I can imagine that his bedroom is full of the stuff. LOL. Makan-ed at Poulét. Three types of meat-- duck, chicken and pork. Moved on to Marble Slab Creamery upstairs and surprise, surprise they had waffles. LOL. Sorry MoonlightPiggy.


Pork Belly



Originally, we were supposed to go out for drinks with Tater at DYMK. But we were too tired to go out to Tanjung Pagar so we just hung out at his place. Had some wine and watched "OMG: Oh My God!", an amusing film that was recommended by ZR. In this comedy, the guy sues God because he couldn't get insurance compensation after his shop was destroyed by 'an act of God'. Watched till 1:00 am and Tater had nearly pengsan-ed by then. LOL.


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