Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shop & Save

Jicama, Sweet Potato, Chilli

Just after five days, I was back in KL. In the morning, went to the market with mum. Things were a little busier in the market but not quite the last minute frenzy yet. But those who sold clothes brought in tents as makeshift changing rooms to meet the demand. Had a simple breakfast of pan mee and was a bit surprised when the seller didn't leave after I gave him a MYR5 note. He was waiting for another 50 sen. Inflation. Pre-GST adjustment. Ouch. Back at home, I cleansed the house of roaches. While I was mopping upstairs, mum started boiling some porridge. Halfway through cleaning the rooms, I smelled something burning. I ran down to find that the porridge had turned into a black rice cake. Took the pot off the flame and switched on the cooker hood at full blast. Found mum sleeping on the sofa. Opps. I continued spritzing all the nooks and crannies with lemongrass oil. When mum woke up, she started cooking replacement mee suah.

Biscuits For Sale

Chinese Sausages

Pan Mee Breakfast

Mee Suah Lunch

What better to do on a Saturday afternoon if not shopping? I had not been to IOI City Mall, so I suggested that we go. Checking Waze, I never realised that it was just 7 km from my place. That's bloody near. However it was annoying to note that on the way home, I would be caught in a nasty crawl up the 16 Sierra overpass. Hate those traffic lights there. There should be a dedicated route. Found parking easy enough, but the elevators were limited and slow. Super slow. On first impression, the place felt a little like Nu Sentral with its huge spaces. The retail selection wasn't bad and there were quite a lot of food choices. Went shopping at two huge lifestyle stores, HomePro and Index, both from Thailand. Got myself a twist mop. Happy. Later on, SK, Apollo, Brian and QueerRanter-D joined us for dinner. Ate at Dubu Dubu, a place that was frowned upon by Lifebook because it was chain restaurant. The whole night we made fun of that but truthfully food was commendable, with the exception of the bingsu. Trust me to find something to complain about. A most uncomfortable dessert to eat, like swallowing cold sand.




And we found the ridiculous Tesco offer that was going around in FB. Thought it was a joke, but turns out that it's not. Feast your eyes on the fabulous MYR0.001 savings.

Save MYR0.01

Planned to have coffee at Piccolo Cafe, but due to the screwed up nature of the mall, it took me an unnatural amount of time just to get to the car. Gave up on the elevators (not only were the elevators slow, the people were too! It timed out at every floor! “Eh, dah sampai ke? Nak keluar ke ni?") and the stairs were hard to find. Really should park at the areas with the travelators instead. Arrived at the cafe forty five minutes later thanks to the 16 Sierra overpass. Quickly got a latte to calm me down. Got some finger food too. Quite a number of tables were occupied that night. And they were nice enough to snap an Instax group photo for us. Hopefully they will survive as it's the closest decent coffee place near my place.

Funny that I received a call from Cutiepie late that evening after I had just been discussing with KH about visiting her. Been wanting to see her latest bundle of joy and I had hoped not to give her 2014 birthday present before her 2015 birthday. Coincidentally, she was also at IOI City Mall and wanted to swing over to get some design inspiration from my sister's place. By that time, the Monster were already asleep. Her baby Bell was so adorable with her huge eyes, long lashes and curls. So friendly too. Let me carry with no fuss. But she would wail if you talk bad about her. The next day, I felt the effect of her weight on hands. Lenguh!


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