Thursday, May 21, 2015


Drink Coffee

It was the final week of the "1600 Pandas" in Malaysia. So after Sunday mass, mum and I headed to Publika. Met up SK, KH and QueerRanter-D at Journal by Plan B for lunch. Nothing on the menu spoke to me. Just had an average-tasting Pho Bo. The queue circling the Pandas was a bit crazy, so we just circled on the outside looking for lulls in the crowd. Found some good photo opportunities. The long corridor design of Publika made it a wonderful choice to exhibit the pandas. And the overhead walkways gave the perfect POV. Truth be told, the Pandas were just Pandas. The merchandise was quite obscenely priced. Selfie sticks at 120 a pop. Umbrellas went for MYR80 while T shirts were just ten ringgit cheaper. The plush toy was an amazing MYR100.

Panda Assembly II

Panda Assembly I

Panda Siege

Sitting Panda

Chatting Panda

Caught sight of a cute kid manning the Grabit kiosk. Coincidentally, KH had the app and went to redeem a free magnum mini. Cute to have the Japanese kid explain things to us. Sweet smile. The bad coverage there made the interaction longer than required. Plenty of time for me to take pics. Hehe.

After sending KH home, mum and I went to Giant for some CNY supplies shopping. I stopped the cart at the frozen food section and was delighted by a siew keong making its rounds at the hash browns chiller. Bought a whole bunch of arrowroot, not for cooking, but for planting. Big Monster has a green thumb and loves seeing things grow.



ernestlow said...

the arrow root is coveted by mums to be wanting male babies ...

William said...

Haha, if only it worked.