Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Our 8th Year Together

Teh C

All my colleagues flew home to KL on that Friday, leaving me to shag without any risk of interruption. During the day, KH did some banking but ended up not meeting MoonlightPiggy cause her terminally ill aunt had passed away (rest in peace). Once I got off work, I headed back to the hotel to meet my darling. He had made reservations at a nearby Italian restaurant in Kg. Glam called Cichetti. Our reservation was for 8 pm, but since we were both hungry as heck, we gave it a try 45 minutes earlier. Funny that I am now the one who navigates instead of KH. At the door, the waitress told us that she had no table for us. Crap. Thankfully there was a kopitiam two doors down called Dong Po Colonial Cafe (n, they don't serve Dong Po meat). From the name you can guess that the interior decoration is quite retro with a lot of old memorabilia. We shared a teh c and a bostock (thankfully it was in stock). What's a bostock you may ask? Well, it's actually a slice of crispy toast covered with almond flakes. Perfect for tea.


That tided us over until dinner time. Took our seat and ordered from the simple menu. Felt a bit adventurous and went for the octopus. Didn't expect a giant piece of grilled tentacle to come to the table! (very Cthulhu) Surprisingly, it wasn't chewy. Great texture. Taste-wise, it reminded me of Tandoori chicken LOL. Ordered another starter-- their famous meatballs in red sauce. Succulent. And I finished every bit of that sauce which contained chunks of tomatoes. Our main was pizza with prosciutto and rocket. A good combination, but I found the pizza dough to be a bit too hard to handle with cutlery. Settled it with our hands. And of course we toasted the occasion with wine. The restaurant is pretty dark, so the pictures were quite bad.


Coincidentally, there was a wayang kulit show at Kampung Glam by Seri Setia Pulau Singa. When we left the restaurant, they had just started, an hour later than scheduled. Their sound system was super loud, which drove most of their viewers away. Pengz. Found the back of the stage to be more interesting and tolerable. But I think they were beset by too many technical problems. Could hardly hear the Tok Dalang tell the story of Sita's birth as his microphone wasn't working well and someone had to hold it next to his mouth while he gesticulated wildly during certain parts of the narration. Didn't stay long. Decided to just head home and have celebratory sex. Happy anniversary baby!

Wayang Kulit: Audience

Wayang Kulit: Backstage


Derek said...

Happy anniversary dear!

Hdaran said...

Happy Anniversary William and KH!

SamL said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Many more shagging years for the two of you lovebirds!

William said...

Love you baby! Wanna grow old with you.

@Hdaran: @SamL: @RainyD:
Thanks guys!

Twilight Man said...

Sounds like a grandma... Wanna grow old together. Muahahahaha!

Happy Anniversary to you both and many more years to come.