Thursday, May 07, 2015


Big Breakfast

Stayed at home during New Year's eve. SK scheduled for her maid to come over for some OT at my place cause she basically didn't have much to do at her place. In the morning, she updated me on the ETA, which was 10:30 AM. Plenty of time for me to have breakfast first. Drove out to the nearby kopitiam and had a huge serving of nasi lemak with chicken rendang to which the guy remarked, "makan kenyang pagi ni dik". Cis! Cleaning didn't take long. Settled the grills, windows, toilets and the floor. Not eat-off-the-floor clean, but good enough for a free cleaning service. SK packed chicken rice for lunch and when I opened the box, it was bursting with roast chicken, charsiew, siew yuk, chicken liver and cucumber slices!

Big Lunch

Like last year, celebrated the coming of the new year at church. No fireworks, just some fellowship and snacks. With the floods and QZ8501, the church didn't feel quite appropriate to have the night flowers. At the stroke of twelve, mum, SK and I celebrated with a selfie. An amazing way to start the year right? KH wasn't with me, he was with Kenji and Sharky. Kenji was leaving early on the 2nd, so they had a farewell drink. Anyway, wanted something hot to drink so we made our way to Kayu Nasi Kandar for teh tarik and naan. As luck would have it, the moment we stepped out of the car, fireworks went off just a few doors away. Didn't stay out too late. 2015, be good to me!

Tandoori Chicken

P.S.: Yes! I made it to the current year!


Twilight Man said...

OMG! You are one crazy antique blogger. Happy New Year!

William said...

Apa nak buat? I'm so late!

Jaded Jeremy said...

For a moment there, I was confused. I thought your blog went back in time.

William said...

Biasalah :D