Monday, May 11, 2015

NY 2015

New Year Latte

What does one do on the first day of the year? Something meaningful to kick-start 2015? Of course I did nothing of the sort. Lol. First order of the day-- breakfast with mum, then brunch with the gang. Drove out all the way to Solaris Dutamas to eat at Whimsical. KH was working that day, but the year end closing could wait till he ate and saw his cute BF. Hehe. Was not impressed with the food at Whimsical. Mum and I just shared a Whimsical Pancakes cause we were still full from the wantan noodles. Nothing special except for the use of Cielo Dolci Gelato. And KH's cotton candy Affogato was just that, Affogato topped with cotton candy. Not necessary at all. Jalan-Jalan at Publika after that. They got some artists together to make their own interpretation of a Christmas tree. The paddy pyramid was downright ugly while I liked the one made of white metal bird cut-outs. Matched my T shirt prints! Didn't walk for long. Ended up on our butts again at Coffee Stain. Apollo was pissed with a family of three who refused to give up their table for eight. Guess the staff weren't very smart in handling their seating during peak period. Shopped at BIG for a while and found that their produce is really over-priced. But I guess their regular customers don't mind. SK cooked dinner again. Becoming a very regular thing for her. The only highlight of the night was our interrogation of Brian regarding his new Pinoy love interest. And if made us look up the actual definition of Second Base. Turns out that French see it differently.

New Year Pancakes

Christmas @ Publika 2014




Anonymous said...

Kurus Jor?... nice swallows tee BTW

Hdaran said...

I am loving that ring! Is there a story behind it?

William said...

Sometimes thinner, sometimes not so thin

Thanks! Browse. Add To Cart. Checkout. Deliver. LOL