Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Kenji in KL

Taste Enclave

One day after Boxing Day, KH and I went to The Pavilion to meet his ex, Kenji. He was in town visiting family for the Christmas season. And he was at the city centre because of the Comic Fiesta at KL Convention Centre (Kenji bought a bunch of art books and yaoi-related stuff, oh lala). Met him for a late lunch at Taste Enclave because he said he had a craving for BKT. During our walk there, he told us about of his friend Sharky who was volunteering at the Comic Fiesta. Kenji said that he knew me. Feeling curious, I used Kenji's powerful influence to summon him to lunch with us. True enough, Sharky dutifully turned up although he was obviously a bit shy and awkward during lunch. So cute. Anyway, I don't know him. And when he said he knows me, he was referring to my online persona. Great to make another friend although so painfully young in comparison! And it's never a complete date with Kenji if one does not go for dessert. Visited Snowflake to satisfy his sweet tooth. The conversation was mostly about the people who have crushes on Kenji, which is no small number. But he has some loyal groupies that never fail to amuse. Hehe. Also talked about his siblings and some family issues.

Christmas Feet

Pavilion Christmas 2014

Kenji didn't stay long and Sharky had to continue his shift so we said our goodbyes. However, KH and I continued to paktor at Piccolo Cafe. Found a new spot in the cafe with kiddy toys. I had fun fooling around with the props.

Chairs III

Chairs II

The Chrysanthemum Throne

Chairs I

My day had not ended yet as there was a BEC Christmas party in the evening. Another round of carolling, feasting, fun and games. Was truly a long and rewarding day!

Nativity Scene


Anonymous said...

i wonder how cute this kenji guy is?
- nawtyboy

Twilight Man said...

I remembered one Sg Blogger named Kenji who went to Canada. Same fella?

William said...

Cuter than me ;).

Malaysian actually.