Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dark Days

Light of Elendil

The electrical problems at my house had reached its peak with the main fuse unwilling to budge. And the electrician that my sister engaged was so busy that he couldn't come on short notice. So when I landed at KLIA2, I directly took a cab to my sister's place. Went back home to pack a few things after I ate dinner. Not a pleasant experience rummaging in the dark. Lucky I had a large LED lantern to be my Light of Elendil.

Nigiri Sushi

The kids had new toys to play with. A stray cat had delivered a few kittens in the store room much to my sister's chagrin. The maid had to hose down the baby stroller where the mother cat had decided to give birth. The mother cat wasn't very attentive, so my sister stepped in to feed them her breast milk! With a syringe of course. The kids had fun with the kittens, but were kinda rough. Little Monster picked them up by their heads. Yikes. In the end, only one survived and the mother cat finally picked up the lone kitten and left.

Gunkan Sushi

On Saturday afternoon, went out to MV with SK and KH. After years of being an unappreciated performer, her boss finally gave her a promotion. Although a notch down from what she deserved, it was better than nothing. To celebrate the occasion, she treated us lunch at Kita no Zen at The Gardens Mall. Did some shopping after that and surprisingly found some good clothing bargains at Muji. Had a coffee session at Encore Patisserie after that. The woman next to us wanted a coffee jacket for her takeaway latte, but when she saw that it was just a makeshift version from paper napkins, she scoffed and threw it away. High class sekali.

Peach Tart

Back home, I found my mother in a bad mood. But my sister seemed to have placated her. Something to do with trying to be a super housewife. My mother started working as a domestic helper when she was 12. And switched to being a caring home maker at 25. Today, she is 69 and has never slowed down. But age has definitely caught up with her and she is reluctant to make adjustments for her flagging stamina. So she gets a little frustrated when she tries to accomplish too much. We do what we can to help her but she's too used to pushing a hard schedule for herself.

In the Changing Room

In the evening, mum and I had a BEC Gathering at church. It was a combined event with two other BECs. A good turnout and the variety of food was good. And there was a tall hunk there that night. Loved to stare at his V-shaped torso. And he had quite a cute smile. Yummy. Did our usual thing and called it a night.


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Smooothh legssss...yumm

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Why no frontal pics? hehe

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I send to you :D