Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Coffee Workshop

Wet Market Breakfast

Asked mum whether she was up for marketing on Saturday morning and she said yes. However, the next morning I had to knock on the door to check on her. Turned out she wasn't feeling feeling well. Body aches. Her cough had dragged on for three weeks and guess an infection had flared up. Despite her condition, we went to the market anyway. A short trip cause there basically wasn't much vegetables to buy due to the rainy season. CNY shopping was gaining momentum. One could hear the songs, see the red clothes, seasonal biscuits and decorative items for sale. Mum didn't seem very into it. Had our favourite breakfast noodles then went over to the GP's. According to him, her respiratory tract was infected and so prescribed some antibiotics.

Chocolate + Coffee

In the evening, met up KH at 103 Workshop Cafe at Seri Petaling. Not ventured to that part of the woods on a while due to the jams and chaotic parking. I have upgraded it to the status of Cheras, i.e. that ghost place Good thing is that there's a multi-level car park there now. The cafe is done up like your usual hipster cafe with Japanese influence. And the funny thing is, you have to slide open a heavy iron door to get in. Not quite a welcoming vibe for business. I went for their mocha and food-wise, we shared a salmon salad and spicy chicken wings. Food was plentiful enough to share, but service was a little 'in the clouds'. Sat there for quite long, continuing with coffee and cake. Liked the affogatto with its good balance of bitter against the sweet. Suddenly received a call from SK telling me that her maid was pulling a stunt on her, taking indefinite leave for all sorts of health problems. Sounded like she was trying to get out of it but didn't want to say it outright. Good help is hard to get these days.

Ice Cream + Coffee

Batter + Chicken Wings

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