Thursday, May 14, 2015

2015's Virgin Singapore Trip

Note: Believe it or not, there are no food pics in this post because all the photos were so bad!

On my first day in Singapore for 2015, I arranged a dinner date with Finnegan. Such a coincidence that he was in town for some business. He asked me about food options but I kinda drew a blank. In the end, I remembered a recommendation from my brother about a messy burger at Orchid Hotel, so I looked it up. The joint was called Two Blur Guys. Perfect location cause my office was in the vicinity and Finnegan was hoped up nearby. Met up at Tanjung Pagar MRT and found the place with little fuss. Finnegan looked well, but a little bit thinner from the last I saw him before Christmas season. He assured me that he was well, but just worrying a bit more. When an investor worries (I'm guessing it's about money!) I guess 2015 will not be such a smooth year. The signature dish at that burger joint is the pulled pork burger which unfortunately was sold out by dinner time. Picked an alternative in the form of a Duck Rilette. Didn't taste much duck in that wet tangle of peppery meat, but it wasn't bad actually. Completed the meal with a slice of pecan pie and hot cup of chamomile. Spent three hours there talking about the past year and somehow the topic of art appreciation popped up. Spent a solid three hours there until a sewage problem in the restaurant made us retreat to the sidewalk tables. Guess I can strike off "dining in a cesspool" from my list now.

Later in the week, I had a dinner appointment with MoonlightPiggy at Supreme Tastes Jiangnan Cuisine at Marina Square. A mouthful ain't it? According to her, it her boss' favourite place for a bowl of hot la mian. Good recommendation actually. During our journey, we were standing behind a lady on an escalator. She had a cup of Llao Llao frozen yoghurt in hand. Judging by the queue in front of the shop, bet she invested at least half an hour to get her dessert fix. While trying to dig up a spoonful to eat, she dropped the whole cup. It somersaulted and the frozen yoghurt went splat on esacalator. Luckily my slacks were spared from the runaway yoghurt. To me, that cup was a lost cause. MoonlightPiggy fished it up for her and I saw her walking to the dustbin with it. To my horror, she didn't throw it away, but just dug out some of it and continued eating!!! Goodness. Who would have thought that one would go so far for a cup of over-hyped frozen yoghurt. Back to dinner. Tried the la mian with shredded eel and I was impressed with the unmistakable aroma of the superior chicken soup stock when it arrived at the table. Mouth-watering. Simple and wholesome. Talked mostly about her aunt's ailing health and her boss' love life, topics on extreme ends of the spectrum. And I was the mule for KH's Chia Te pineapple tarts that MoonlightPiggy had bought for him.


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ernestlow said...

If KH likes pineapple tarts, u should get the golfball pineapple tarts for him from LE bakery in Middle Road! their pineapple tarts for CNY are booked well in advance. Outside CNY, no need to book.

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He's very particular. But thanks for the recommendation.

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Haha my supplier of TW pineapple tarts