Thursday, May 28, 2015

Singapore Meet & Greet


We were supposed to have brunch with Tater at Cocotte on Saturday but that turned out to be a wild goose chase. Similar to what happened when Tater brought me to Tanglin Mall some weeks ago. Walking past two Hotel 81's (that kind of place), we finally arrived at Wanderlust Hotel (a heritage building with very hipster interior decoration), where the restaurant is situated. Firstly, it wasn't gonna be open for another hour. Secondly, they only have a buffet for weekend brunch. At SGD50++ per head, we ran as fast as we could.

Table Monster

The Barber of Fleet Street

Bottled Light

Tater brought us to Lowercase in La Salle School of Arts. Although I passed by that place numerous times, I never noticed the existence of that food joint! Huge, airy space perfect for parties. And if you have kids, dump them at the inflatable castle at the lower floor. Quite convenient. On weekends, they serve items from two menus, the extra menu being from Bookshop Cafe on Clarke Quay. And I nearly brought home their order pager. Usually its shaped like a small UFO, but their's was like a small miku. I pocketed it and forgot about it until the waiter asked for it (didn't feel it vibrate!).

Airy Cafe


Next up we met up MoonlightPiggy at Bugis Junction. She was sad because her aunt passed away the night before due to liver failure. Originally, we looked for waffles to cheer her up, but couldn't find any. So French toast with raspberry coulis from Miam Miam would have to do. Also paired it with a matcha souffle. Other than the sad news, she also talked about an office romance that kinda irked her.

French toast with raspberry coulis

Matcha Souffle

Our next appointment was with Kidz. Since it was too early for dinner, we did some shopping together at Uniqlo. All three of us bought fleece jackets cause they were going cheap! Interesting to note that Kidz has a fetish for fleece. Admitted that he loves the feeling of it on his bare skin (rub rub). I can imagine that his bedroom is full of the stuff. LOL. Makan-ed at Poulét. Three types of meat-- duck, chicken and pork. Moved on to Marble Slab Creamery upstairs and surprise, surprise they had waffles. LOL. Sorry MoonlightPiggy.


Pork Belly



Originally, we were supposed to go out for drinks with Tater at DYMK. But we were too tired to go out to Tanjung Pagar so we just hung out at his place. Had some wine and watched "OMG: Oh My God!", an amusing film that was recommended by ZR. In this comedy, the guy sues God because he couldn't get insurance compensation after his shop was destroyed by 'an act of God'. Watched till 1:00 am and Tater had nearly pengsan-ed by then. LOL.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Our 8th Year Together

Teh C

All my colleagues flew home to KL on that Friday, leaving me to shag without any risk of interruption. During the day, KH did some banking but ended up not meeting MoonlightPiggy cause her terminally ill aunt had passed away (rest in peace). Once I got off work, I headed back to the hotel to meet my darling. He had made reservations at a nearby Italian restaurant in Kg. Glam called Cichetti. Our reservation was for 8 pm, but since we were both hungry as heck, we gave it a try 45 minutes earlier. Funny that I am now the one who navigates instead of KH. At the door, the waitress told us that she had no table for us. Crap. Thankfully there was a kopitiam two doors down called Dong Po Colonial Cafe (n, they don't serve Dong Po meat). From the name you can guess that the interior decoration is quite retro with a lot of old memorabilia. We shared a teh c and a bostock (thankfully it was in stock). What's a bostock you may ask? Well, it's actually a slice of crispy toast covered with almond flakes. Perfect for tea.


That tided us over until dinner time. Took our seat and ordered from the simple menu. Felt a bit adventurous and went for the octopus. Didn't expect a giant piece of grilled tentacle to come to the table! (very Cthulhu) Surprisingly, it wasn't chewy. Great texture. Taste-wise, it reminded me of Tandoori chicken LOL. Ordered another starter-- their famous meatballs in red sauce. Succulent. And I finished every bit of that sauce which contained chunks of tomatoes. Our main was pizza with prosciutto and rocket. A good combination, but I found the pizza dough to be a bit too hard to handle with cutlery. Settled it with our hands. And of course we toasted the occasion with wine. The restaurant is pretty dark, so the pictures were quite bad.


Coincidentally, there was a wayang kulit show at Kampung Glam by Seri Setia Pulau Singa. When we left the restaurant, they had just started, an hour later than scheduled. Their sound system was super loud, which drove most of their viewers away. Pengz. Found the back of the stage to be more interesting and tolerable. But I think they were beset by too many technical problems. Could hardly hear the Tok Dalang tell the story of Sita's birth as his microphone wasn't working well and someone had to hold it next to his mouth while he gesticulated wildly during certain parts of the narration. Didn't stay long. Decided to just head home and have celebratory sex. Happy anniversary baby!

Wayang Kulit: Audience

Wayang Kulit: Backstage

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tater Treat

Hunky Chef

On my first night in Singapore, Tater booked me for dinner. Unfortunately, I was running a bit late that evening because a client was asking for documentation and it had to do with my part. Blegh. Told Tater that I might be late. He told me no problem and would only pop the chicken into the oven when I told him I was leaving office. Only then did I know he was cooking! Turns out it was for a special occasion-- my anniversary with KH! Gosh, so nice of him. When I arrived, he was busy in the kitchen whipping up some corn (no, he wasn't dressed in an apron and underwear only LOL). The cream sauce chicken was in the oven. He 'riced up' the chicken by using Tsao Tsing wine instead of cooking Sherry. For carbs, he boiled some brown rice. The meal was Tater-licious.

Creamy Chicken

Normally my room had a copy of the Holy Bible placed by the Gideons. This time round, I had The Teaching of Buddha. A first for me. On Thursday evening, the highlight of my trip arrived at Changi Airport, i.e. KH. He came by the hotel at around 10:00 PM and we showered together. Cleaned him up real good and we added we steamed up the mirrors a bit. Out of the shower, KH was feeling a bit nippish. I prepared for that eventuality by visiting the bakery after my dinner. With that hunger satisfied, he started thinking of sex. My body responded very positively to his teasing and we made love passionately, shifting from position to position. Luckily the room next door was vacant as my room had a connecting door that's notorious for transferring sound. In the heat of the moment, forgot about the armchair, forgot about the jockstrap and forgot about the cock ring. Ack. And I didn't climax. Blue balls!

Bible of Buddha

Monday, May 25, 2015

Jap Out, Jap In


Sunday mass as usual with me wondering where to go KL for lunch. Mum suggested Ipoh Road YTF but I couldn't remember how to get to the OKR branch. Gave up on that and went to Ishin instead. Quite an extreme alternative in terms of cuisine and price. Mum had not been there before so that was OK. Love the fact that they have free valet parking but I really dislike their iPad menu. Always better to flip through a physical menu. Easier to decide and make an order especially when it's not linked to an order taking system. Took me a while to decide on Tuna Tataki Salad, grilled Sanma and nigiri sushi. Was impressed by the salad in terms of quality and value for money. And it was interesting to note that the Sanma was grilled without first gutting it. Seems that it's quite the norm. Never quite noticed that.

Tuna Tataki Salad

In the evening, I had dinner at MaisonSK. The usual gang was invited including KH. The star of the night was Brian's ajitama which he made following a video he watched on FB. Goes to show that one can actually learn how to cook from FB. Troublesome but worth the effort. Out of the 19 eggs he prepared, 12 turned out good. Drank a spot of rose wine that night too but I didn't linger. Had an early flight to catch!

Homemade Ajitama

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shop & Save

Jicama, Sweet Potato, Chilli

Just after five days, I was back in KL. In the morning, went to the market with mum. Things were a little busier in the market but not quite the last minute frenzy yet. But those who sold clothes brought in tents as makeshift changing rooms to meet the demand. Had a simple breakfast of pan mee and was a bit surprised when the seller didn't leave after I gave him a MYR5 note. He was waiting for another 50 sen. Inflation. Pre-GST adjustment. Ouch. Back at home, I cleansed the house of roaches. While I was mopping upstairs, mum started boiling some porridge. Halfway through cleaning the rooms, I smelled something burning. I ran down to find that the porridge had turned into a black rice cake. Took the pot off the flame and switched on the cooker hood at full blast. Found mum sleeping on the sofa. Opps. I continued spritzing all the nooks and crannies with lemongrass oil. When mum woke up, she started cooking replacement mee suah.

Biscuits For Sale

Chinese Sausages

Pan Mee Breakfast

Mee Suah Lunch

What better to do on a Saturday afternoon if not shopping? I had not been to IOI City Mall, so I suggested that we go. Checking Waze, I never realised that it was just 7 km from my place. That's bloody near. However it was annoying to note that on the way home, I would be caught in a nasty crawl up the 16 Sierra overpass. Hate those traffic lights there. There should be a dedicated route. Found parking easy enough, but the elevators were limited and slow. Super slow. On first impression, the place felt a little like Nu Sentral with its huge spaces. The retail selection wasn't bad and there were quite a lot of food choices. Went shopping at two huge lifestyle stores, HomePro and Index, both from Thailand. Got myself a twist mop. Happy. Later on, SK, Apollo, Brian and QueerRanter-D joined us for dinner. Ate at Dubu Dubu, a place that was frowned upon by Lifebook because it was chain restaurant. The whole night we made fun of that but truthfully food was commendable, with the exception of the bingsu. Trust me to find something to complain about. A most uncomfortable dessert to eat, like swallowing cold sand.




And we found the ridiculous Tesco offer that was going around in FB. Thought it was a joke, but turns out that it's not. Feast your eyes on the fabulous MYR0.001 savings.

Save MYR0.01

Planned to have coffee at Piccolo Cafe, but due to the screwed up nature of the mall, it took me an unnatural amount of time just to get to the car. Gave up on the elevators (not only were the elevators slow, the people were too! It timed out at every floor! “Eh, dah sampai ke? Nak keluar ke ni?") and the stairs were hard to find. Really should park at the areas with the travelators instead. Arrived at the cafe forty five minutes later thanks to the 16 Sierra overpass. Quickly got a latte to calm me down. Got some finger food too. Quite a number of tables were occupied that night. And they were nice enough to snap an Instax group photo for us. Hopefully they will survive as it's the closest decent coffee place near my place.

Funny that I received a call from Cutiepie late that evening after I had just been discussing with KH about visiting her. Been wanting to see her latest bundle of joy and I had hoped not to give her 2014 birthday present before her 2015 birthday. Coincidentally, she was also at IOI City Mall and wanted to swing over to get some design inspiration from my sister's place. By that time, the Monster were already asleep. Her baby Bell was so adorable with her huge eyes, long lashes and curls. So friendly too. Let me carry with no fuss. But she would wail if you talk bad about her. The next day, I felt the effect of her weight on hands. Lenguh!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Drink Coffee

It was the final week of the "1600 Pandas" in Malaysia. So after Sunday mass, mum and I headed to Publika. Met up SK, KH and QueerRanter-D at Journal by Plan B for lunch. Nothing on the menu spoke to me. Just had an average-tasting Pho Bo. The queue circling the Pandas was a bit crazy, so we just circled on the outside looking for lulls in the crowd. Found some good photo opportunities. The long corridor design of Publika made it a wonderful choice to exhibit the pandas. And the overhead walkways gave the perfect POV. Truth be told, the Pandas were just Pandas. The merchandise was quite obscenely priced. Selfie sticks at 120 a pop. Umbrellas went for MYR80 while T shirts were just ten ringgit cheaper. The plush toy was an amazing MYR100.

Panda Assembly II

Panda Assembly I

Panda Siege

Sitting Panda

Chatting Panda

Caught sight of a cute kid manning the Grabit kiosk. Coincidentally, KH had the app and went to redeem a free magnum mini. Cute to have the Japanese kid explain things to us. Sweet smile. The bad coverage there made the interaction longer than required. Plenty of time for me to take pics. Hehe.

After sending KH home, mum and I went to Giant for some CNY supplies shopping. I stopped the cart at the frozen food section and was delighted by a siew keong making its rounds at the hash browns chiller. Bought a whole bunch of arrowroot, not for cooking, but for planting. Big Monster has a green thumb and loves seeing things grow.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dark Days

Light of Elendil

The electrical problems at my house had reached its peak with the main fuse unwilling to budge. And the electrician that my sister engaged was so busy that he couldn't come on short notice. So when I landed at KLIA2, I directly took a cab to my sister's place. Went back home to pack a few things after I ate dinner. Not a pleasant experience rummaging in the dark. Lucky I had a large LED lantern to be my Light of Elendil.

Nigiri Sushi

The kids had new toys to play with. A stray cat had delivered a few kittens in the store room much to my sister's chagrin. The maid had to hose down the baby stroller where the mother cat had decided to give birth. The mother cat wasn't very attentive, so my sister stepped in to feed them her breast milk! With a syringe of course. The kids had fun with the kittens, but were kinda rough. Little Monster picked them up by their heads. Yikes. In the end, only one survived and the mother cat finally picked up the lone kitten and left.

Gunkan Sushi

On Saturday afternoon, went out to MV with SK and KH. After years of being an unappreciated performer, her boss finally gave her a promotion. Although a notch down from what she deserved, it was better than nothing. To celebrate the occasion, she treated us lunch at Kita no Zen at The Gardens Mall. Did some shopping after that and surprisingly found some good clothing bargains at Muji. Had a coffee session at Encore Patisserie after that. The woman next to us wanted a coffee jacket for her takeaway latte, but when she saw that it was just a makeshift version from paper napkins, she scoffed and threw it away. High class sekali.

Peach Tart

Back home, I found my mother in a bad mood. But my sister seemed to have placated her. Something to do with trying to be a super housewife. My mother started working as a domestic helper when she was 12. And switched to being a caring home maker at 25. Today, she is 69 and has never slowed down. But age has definitely caught up with her and she is reluctant to make adjustments for her flagging stamina. So she gets a little frustrated when she tries to accomplish too much. We do what we can to help her but she's too used to pushing a hard schedule for herself.

In the Changing Room

In the evening, mum and I had a BEC Gathering at church. It was a combined event with two other BECs. A good turnout and the variety of food was good. And there was a tall hunk there that night. Loved to stare at his V-shaped torso. And he had quite a cute smile. Yummy. Did our usual thing and called it a night.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mall Celebrities: Gardenia Gary

While lining up outside Sushi Zanmai, Paradigm Mall, I had the chance to eavesdrop on the conversation between Gardenia Gary and his girlfriends. He was lamenting about how hard it is for him to gain weight (Boo-hoo! Wait till you hit 30 Gary!). According to his research he needs x kilojoules to begin to initiate weight gain. By his calculations, that meant 7 loaves of Gardenia bread every day! Yikes. He'd sooner turn into Marshmallow Man before turning into a hunk! Good enough to stay a Snow White twink. But a hunk did turn up later, which I will reveal in my next segment of Mall Celebrities. Stay tuned.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Two Williams

William 2 Pax

Been a while since I attended mass at St Joseph's. Noticed that the altar was now draped with four depicts of the Doctors of the Church. It used to be plain construction plastic sheets. And Sir Dr Peter Low the Choir master was missing, but the choir didn't breakdown. Glad to see that the choir of the Risen Christ has backup people in leadership positions. The priest talked about Catholic parents who didn't baptise their children or send them to Sunday school but instead let them choose their religion after their majority. He likened it to not sending children to school and letting them choose what education they wanted when they turn 18. At the end of it, he yelled, "Stupid!". Haha.


Right after church I went to Tater's place. I had booked him for brunch that day. Early birthday brunch. He chose the venue, a place called Five & Dime Eatery at River Valley Road. Actually, the taxi driver had dropped us very close to the place but we got confused and walked up and down the street looking for it. Reminded me of flight safety briefings-- the flight attended will now point out the emergency exits to you, bear in mind that the closest exit might be behind you. Tater made reservations so there was a cute sign at our table-- "Reserved for William. 2 pax.". It was so right, Tater is also a William. Secret revealed. Lol. Foursquare recommended their Mentaiko Pasta. I was disappointed. Just a plate of sweet nothing. Coffee was quite good though. And what's a birthday without cake? Tater got the carrot cake while I went for the lava cake. Got back to his place for a swim after that. I jumped into the pool but Tater was more hesitant. Slowly dipped in his feet, then sat at the poolside for a while. After I had finished five laps, he moved into the pool, but his upper body wasn't immersed. If I were him, I would be shivering by then, but he seemed fine.

Mentaiko Pasta

Lava Cake

Carrot Cake

In the evening, we both had separate dinner appointments. He walked me to Bugis MRT where I continued on the Lavender. His date was waiting for him at the station. I went over to greet him. Think for a moment there he was afraid that I might kacau daun. My company used to hire a lot of Myanmarese contractors. After the project ended, many of them left to pursue jobs in Singapore. Been a few years since I met this ex-colleague of mine. He got married in Singapore, has one son with another on the way. Dinner was arranged at Golden Mile Complex. Think it was my first time there. Like a little piece of Thailand, full of migrant workers. There was a Brahmin shrine at the taxi stand and a wet market inside selling all sorts of Thai ingredients and herbs. Very happening with plenty of clubs, restaurants and electronics kiosks. Ate at Nong Khai, a popular eatery there. Food was good but the service staff seemed disoriented and aloof. Their tomyum was good and so was the salt-grilled Tilapia. But my favourite was the grilled pork intestines, an item not on the menu. Did a lot of catching up with my ex-colleague and mostly talked to him about old times. And it was interesting to hear how about how expensive it was to start a family in Singapore. The next morning, I spent a good half an hour on the porcelain throne. The food must have been too spicy for my delicate tummy. A fantastic purge.

Grilled Pig Intestines